Thursday, August 26, 2004 doesn't seem to me like anyone BUT me has been reading my journal. SAD.

Maybe I should talk about Journalcon 04? But I didn't go. I am however enjoying reading everyone elses account of the fun filled weekend.
Here are some of my daily reads:
There are soo many more that I am reading thanks to JournalCon links.

Maybe I should talk about the Olympics? Ya know in Athens?......yes Greece. But I didn't go to that either and honestly, I have enjoyed watching the gymnasts, they are awesome. And the

Or maybe I should talk about NASCAR? Hmmm I know absolutely NOthing about Nascar, except that my local radio station Fun 107 's morning DJ.....JR, he loves NASCAR. And Sharon well she is just go girl! Hi Larry.......I listen every morning! You guys ROCK!

Jeez, just how low does a person have to go to get some internet traffic??

I promise more content, later...Pinky swear.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004


I love her so much. She is everything to me. She came into my life on Christmas eve. I immediatley fell in love with her. I love it when she snuggles with me at night. I love it when she gives me eskimo kisses.

We have a morning routine. She hears the alarm, she comes running, she jumps up onto the bed and tiptoes across my chest. I scratch her behind the ears for a few minutes while I listen to the morning news. Then I say "Ok babee, its time". I trudge to the bathroom, close the door, and a few seconds later, she pushes it open with her paw. She prances in and makes this strange sound, not quite a purr, not quite a meow. Maybe a combination of the two. In any case it means I love you, at least to my ears. Its wonderful to feel loved!

I call her to my side at anytime of the day or night with a smooch-smooch in the air. She comes running because she knows she is about to receive much kitten love and scratches. She loves scratches!

When she is feeling frisky, (risky at SwtP would say) she will hide and attack your toes from one of many dark kitten-hiding spots.

She is a warrior. She will chase any flying bug that dare enter her domain. She will leap off the top of the fridge, she will chase her prey back and forth across the house for as long as it takes for her to be victorious.

She has a masterplan, I know she does, she sits on the window sill, the own she can see the nest from. Everyday she is there basking in the sun...watching and waiting. She sees them come and go. She hears their tweets. If they get to close to the screen she leaps at them, causing their little bird hearts to jump to their throats.

Some times that man gets mad at her because she is under foot. But its ok. I just console her and tell her not to worry about that big mean bully, because she has ME. And he is just jealous of our relationship.

She is my kitten, she is my comrad!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Things that Make Ya Go Hmmmmm..........

Why are people so mean to each other? Why do we lie to each other? Why can't relationships end on a good note? Can't we all just get along? Over the past 5 months I have watched 2 people I love battle it out. I have seen dreams shatter. I have seen hearts broken and then mended, only to be broken again. I have listened and talked. I have seen smiles, I have seen tears. I have cried, because my heart is broken for them. I have tried to help them (honestly one more than the other) get thru it. I have hoped for the best. Hell I have prayed for the best, and I don't pray. (no offense god). It has been a sad, shocking roller coaster ride. I can not even imagine the ride from the front seat. It must be horrible. I know they love each other. I just somehow KNOW they do. Just let go of the baggage guys. Love each other! Life is short dam it. Love each other and everything else will somehow work itself out. I hope.