Thursday, August 26, 2004 doesn't seem to me like anyone BUT me has been reading my journal. SAD.

Maybe I should talk about Journalcon 04? But I didn't go. I am however enjoying reading everyone elses account of the fun filled weekend.
Here are some of my daily reads:
There are soo many more that I am reading thanks to JournalCon links.

Maybe I should talk about the Olympics? Ya know in Athens?......yes Greece. But I didn't go to that either and honestly, I have enjoyed watching the gymnasts, they are awesome. And the

Or maybe I should talk about NASCAR? Hmmm I know absolutely NOthing about Nascar, except that my local radio station Fun 107 's morning DJ.....JR, he loves NASCAR. And Sharon well she is just go girl! Hi Larry.......I listen every morning! You guys ROCK!

Jeez, just how low does a person have to go to get some internet traffic??

I promise more content, later...Pinky swear.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Girlfriend, people ARE reading, because you are sending traffic my way! Thanks for the link! xxoo, PG

11:56 AM  

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