Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Things that Make Ya Go Hmmmmm..........

Why are people so mean to each other? Why do we lie to each other? Why can't relationships end on a good note? Can't we all just get along? Over the past 5 months I have watched 2 people I love battle it out. I have seen dreams shatter. I have seen hearts broken and then mended, only to be broken again. I have listened and talked. I have seen smiles, I have seen tears. I have cried, because my heart is broken for them. I have tried to help them (honestly one more than the other) get thru it. I have hoped for the best. Hell I have prayed for the best, and I don't pray. (no offense god). It has been a sad, shocking roller coaster ride. I can not even imagine the ride from the front seat. It must be horrible. I know they love each other. I just somehow KNOW they do. Just let go of the baggage guys. Love each other! Life is short dam it. Love each other and everything else will somehow work itself out. I hope.


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