Thursday, September 30, 2004


Dear Dr. Pain in My Mouth,
Thank you ever so much for taking my tooth out. It was a broken wisdom tooth. And it was not bothering me one bit. I was in no pain. But being the efficient doctor that you are you said it had to come out. I trusted you. After all YOU are the one that has a degree in dentistry. I fought the thought of canceling all day long and I went. And things were going smoothly, I took the needles like a champ. Then once you got me all numbed up the evil Doctor in you took over. You could not take the tooth out with the little tooth pulling thingies. Noooo. You had to pry the tooth out. And it hurt dam it. And I freaked out. I could not breath. But I am sure this is all in a days work for you.

Sissy McChomperless

PS. Also could you thank your nurse for me. She was ever so good at making me feel like a drug addict when I called back for more pain medication.

Dear Afternoon DJ,
Must you play Copa-Cabana EVERY afternoon during the oldies lunch? I mean I like it as much as the next girl but, its a bit much.

Thank You,
Sissy McCrabbypants

Dear Anonymous Telemarketer,
I wanted to apologize for hanging up on you when you called me at 9:05 pm the other night. You see I had, had a tooth pulled that day (see above) and had JUST fallen asleep. Also when I said "Do you know what time it is?" that was a rhetorical question. The fact that you actually told me what time it was, just pissed me off. OH and on the other had, what the fuck are you doing calling me at 9:05 anyway??? Whats wrong with suppertime? You know I could sue you right?

Sissy McDon'tcallmeagain

Dear Boss,
Thank you for being compassionate and genuinely concerned when I called in sick from the side of the road yesterday. And thank your son for calling me in the afternoon to see how I was feeling.

Your Faithful Employee

Dear Shell,
Thank you for calling me yesterday morning to check on me when I didn't show up on line. Its nice to know that if I was abducted on my way to work that someone would miss me by 10 am.


Dear children,
Thank you for behaving and being sensitive to my needs last night. I love you.


Dear Husband,
Thank you for worrying about me and doing my chores last night, even though you were exhausted from work yourself. I love you.

Your Wife

Dear Babee (My Kitten),
Thank you for cuddling with me all day while I was in pain. You somehow knew I didn't feel well. Your purring in my ear and your presence helped me tremendously. The licking of the cheek with the sandpaper tongue...not so much, but I love you anyway.

She Who Loves You

Dear Dunkin Donuts Employee,
When you can not understand a customer thru the drive through speaker, please do not be annoyed with said customer as you do not know what that person's problem may be. For example, maybe....the person could not yet move their mouth with out pain after an extremely hard tooth extraction. MMMMkay?

No tip for you! Thankyoucomeagain

Dear Lady at Tedeschi's in the Scooter, Chair Thingy,
I am thinking if you can not walk so well, that you might want to consider quitting smoking. It may help your health. I'm just sayin........

Sissy Mc Noseypants


Dear God,
Thank you with all of my heart for keeping my son safe and out of harms way.

Just ME

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Good morning ya'all!

I would like to personally apologize to someone who has been waiting for me to post. Sorry, chick! And a great big internet CONGRATULATIONS on your recent good fortune! Things are looking up! The great goat has smiled upon you and K-dawg! Its about time!

I figured I would get this out of the way before other things clog up my time. Ya know things!

And I have to go to the dentist today. Hate dentists. Not personally, but what they stand for. PAIN! Not looking forward to this afternoon at all.

I am sad to report that Funkin Gonuts has won the battle. For now. It's a love hate relationship, what can I say.

I have been pondering something for a few days now. I can not seem to decide how I feel. I flip flop back and forth. My question is this:

Two teen agers, one a girl who is 16, the other a boy who is 18. If she has 7 apples, and he has 9 oranges.......Oh wait that's the wrong question.

Ok here is the scenario. The girl spits in the boy's face. Calls him various 4 letter words. Punches him. The boy is saying, leave me alone, get away from me etc.

Then she and 2 friends decide they are going to attack him. What really should the boy do?

Lets say one of the girls clocks him in the face. And he loses his cool. What should he do? Its instinct to hit back isn't it?

I am not condoning a boy hitting a girl. But on the other hand, if a girl steps up to a boy and punches him with intent to hurt him, he deserves to be able to defend himself. Doesn't he?

And what is wrong with this girl? Doesn't she realize that if you step up to someone bigger and stronger than you, you just may get a boo boo? I guess her mother never taught her playground etiquette or something. Maybe the mother needs to be smacked up a bit herself!

I don't know maybe I am bias. But as an adult, I would not step up to a man that is bigger and stronger than I am to start a beef. Common sense. If you want to take the chance and hit someone, then I say you better be prepared to be hit back. Didn't we learn that in kindergarten?

Happy Tuesday (maybe)

Thursday, September 23, 2004

D&D Anonymous

Today I broke the chains of bondage. I gave up Funkin Gonuts coffee. I can no longer justify my daily contribution to their world dominance.

I decided this last night. I formulated a plan. I will replace my morning "nectar of the gods" with a nice travel mug full of warm tea. This will be wonderful. I will save money, I will not have to wait in a 10 minute line, I may even get to work early! I flip D&D a proverbial bird and go to sleep.

This morning I stood strong, I made my tea. When I left for work I had too many items to carry out the door. (I know, I know, use a bag, duh) Purse on my right wrist, video in my right hand, banana in my left hand. Shoot, travel mug, what am I gonna with the travel mug? OK I can handle this. Hold the travel mug in the crook of your elbow, yeah that'll work! Walking down the stairs, laughing to myself at how easy it was to break my habit, thinking wow this tea is hot I can feel the hotness right thru the travel mug. Slide into the car and deposit my various items onto the passenger seat, and I am off.

Score: Me-1 D&D-0

And here is where things begin to go wrong. I happen to glance down while waiting at a red light. The left side of my tand shirt is brown......Something funny is going on here. Oh my god its WET! My whole boob is WET! Aah crap.......My travel mug has betrayed me. (And I know it was you evil D&D who put my nice new travel mug up to it). I turn around and go home to change my shirt, by the time I get to work I am LATE! Not even on time...LATE.

Score: Me-1 D&D-1

Shee-it this may be harder than I thought.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I am not sure why but the link below does not work so here is another link, which hopefully works.

School Violence

I read this journal daily. This entry really hit home. I tried to email, but then I remembered she had shut off her e-mail. I hope somehow, someway you get to read this Trance.


Oh my goodness, I had the exact same conversaion with my 8 year old this morning. Don't start fights but if someone is going to hit/kick/punch you then defend yourself etc!

My son was being hit/kicked/punched on the bus, on the way to school. What is going on with these children? Is it violence they see at home? I just don't understand. This world is a sad place when children can not ride the school bus or play at recess with out the fear of someone hurting them!

And the adults in charge? What are they doing? Where the "recess ladies" gossiping in a hudle? Maybe my son's bus need a bus monitor? I don't know, but I agree with you. See you in Bali! Lori

Friday, September 10, 2004

Personal AD

WELL of all the nerve........... my friends just called me a nerd! For wasting a spot on the web. Well since she wants me to write I will......about her.

Here is a singles ad, on my page, for her!

Single white woman, 27, beautiful with a great personality, looking for single white (but tan), muscle hunk with a good heart. Must be honest and trustworthy. Must like romance and surprises. Must have a J-O-B and be self sufficient. (no moochers, been there done that).

Looking for friendship, companionship, possibly more with the right person.

E-mail today fellas don't let this one get away!

Happy Friday!