Thursday, September 23, 2004

D&D Anonymous

Today I broke the chains of bondage. I gave up Funkin Gonuts coffee. I can no longer justify my daily contribution to their world dominance.

I decided this last night. I formulated a plan. I will replace my morning "nectar of the gods" with a nice travel mug full of warm tea. This will be wonderful. I will save money, I will not have to wait in a 10 minute line, I may even get to work early! I flip D&D a proverbial bird and go to sleep.

This morning I stood strong, I made my tea. When I left for work I had too many items to carry out the door. (I know, I know, use a bag, duh) Purse on my right wrist, video in my right hand, banana in my left hand. Shoot, travel mug, what am I gonna with the travel mug? OK I can handle this. Hold the travel mug in the crook of your elbow, yeah that'll work! Walking down the stairs, laughing to myself at how easy it was to break my habit, thinking wow this tea is hot I can feel the hotness right thru the travel mug. Slide into the car and deposit my various items onto the passenger seat, and I am off.

Score: Me-1 D&D-0

And here is where things begin to go wrong. I happen to glance down while waiting at a red light. The left side of my tand shirt is brown......Something funny is going on here. Oh my god its WET! My whole boob is WET! Aah crap.......My travel mug has betrayed me. (And I know it was you evil D&D who put my nice new travel mug up to it). I turn around and go home to change my shirt, by the time I get to work I am LATE! Not even on time...LATE.

Score: Me-1 D&D-1

Shee-it this may be harder than I thought.


Blogger Sissychong said...

ROFL...ohhh, man! Days like those you're just better off staying in bed!

10:49 AM  

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