Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Good morning ya'all!

I would like to personally apologize to someone who has been waiting for me to post. Sorry, chick! And a great big internet CONGRATULATIONS on your recent good fortune! Things are looking up! The great goat has smiled upon you and K-dawg! Its about time!

I figured I would get this out of the way before other things clog up my time. Ya know things like....work!

And I have to go to the dentist today. Hate dentists. Not personally, but what they stand for. PAIN! Not looking forward to this afternoon at all.

I am sad to report that Funkin Gonuts has won the battle. For now. It's a love hate relationship, what can I say.

I have been pondering something for a few days now. I can not seem to decide how I feel. I flip flop back and forth. My question is this:

Two teen agers, one a girl who is 16, the other a boy who is 18. If she has 7 apples, and he has 9 oranges.......Oh wait that's the wrong question.

Ok here is the scenario. The girl spits in the boy's face. Calls him various 4 letter words. Punches him. The boy is saying, leave me alone, get away from me etc.

Then she and 2 friends decide they are going to attack him. What really should the boy do?

Lets say one of the girls clocks him in the face. And he loses his cool. What should he do? Its instinct to hit back isn't it?

I am not condoning a boy hitting a girl. But on the other hand, if a girl steps up to a boy and punches him with intent to hurt him, he deserves to be able to defend himself. Doesn't he?

And what is wrong with this girl? Doesn't she realize that if you step up to someone bigger and stronger than you, you just may get a boo boo? I guess her mother never taught her playground etiquette or something. Maybe the mother needs to be smacked up a bit herself!

I don't know maybe I am bias. But as an adult, I would not step up to a man that is bigger and stronger than I am to start a beef. Common sense. If you want to take the chance and hit someone, then I say you better be prepared to be hit back. Didn't we learn that in kindergarten?

Happy Tuesday (maybe)


Blogger shellibells said...

I say beat her ass and leave her on the side of the puddled street corner like a wet food stamp....
Ok....well, that is gonna get him nowhere..but jail.
Be a better person, let it go! Move on. Call Shellibells and K-dawg we'll rip her to pieces. LOL

1:36 PM  

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