Tuesday, September 21, 2004

School Violence

I read this journal daily. This entry really hit home. http://trancejen.diaryland.com/ I tried to email, but then I remembered she had shut off her e-mail. I hope somehow, someway you get to read this Trance.


Oh my goodness, I had the exact same conversaion with my 8 year old this morning. Don't start fights but if someone is going to hit/kick/punch you then defend yourself etc!

My son was being hit/kicked/punched on the bus, on the way to school. What is going on with these children? Is it violence they see at home? I just don't understand. This world is a sad place when children can not ride the school bus or play at recess with out the fear of someone hurting them!

And the adults in charge? What are they doing? Where the "recess ladies" gossiping in a hudle? Maybe my son's bus need a bus monitor? I don't know, but I agree with you. See you in Bali! Lori


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