Friday, October 01, 2004


Well I had an entry all set after last nights presidential debate, but this morning was crazeeee. So let me tell a little story.

My local Funkin Gonuts has a logistics problem. The brain surgeon that planned out the plaza parking lot...well.....lets say......he was fired and is now working at DickDonalds......washing the floor.

So if cars form a drive thru line, the line blocks the entrance to the parking lot. Hence the 3rd person in the drive thru line must leave a space for in and out traffic. Things have gotten so chaotic that the owners have had to hire security to watch the drive thru line. Well almost every morning a brain dead driver will zoom into the parking lot and pull right up to the speaker. This morning was no different.

The line was at least 8 cars long. That is 8 drivers, who are tired after a long week of work, 8 drivers who desperately want their coffee, 8 drivers who are gonna kick some ass if you go an insert yourself into the line were you do not belong.

So, in zooms a black truck...right up to the speaker. The car horns blare. Each horn representing a different four letter word for the line cutter. Well, as if this is not bad enough....zoom here comes a green car pulled right in back of the black truck. More horns, constant beeping. The security guard was no where to be found. I say to myself.....OH, HELL right hand acts on its own and put the car into park. Before I realize it I am out of my fellow coffee addicts shouting "you go girl" and other inspiring things. Luckily the manager came out and told the green car that he had just gotten in front of a long line of cars. The man looked back horrified at all of our scowling faces and drove off. He didn't even got to the back of the line, just disappeared out of the parking lot. Probably a good idea since the girls at the window, by rights, should have spit in his coffee. Afterall he did piss off all the regulars . And pissed off regulars usually don't tip well.

Lets take this one step further. Bobby Jean (not her real name) at the window doesn't make good tips this morning because of the cutter. (Some background info on Bobby Jean, she is a recovering drug addict and reformed prostitute who just 2 months ago got custody of her 2 children back from the state) Because she does not make enough in tips she can not pay all of the rent she promised the landlord this afternoon or buy food for her children to get them thru the weekend. The landlord threatens eviction if she does not come up with the balance of the rent by tomorrow. Faced with the fact that she and her children could become homeless she hits the streets, prostituting herself to make ends meet. She gets picked up by a man with a warped mental state. Her children never see her again. Back into state custody they go to live their little lives jumping from foster home to foster home until they each become so frustrated they run away and begin lives on the streets themselves.

DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE? You line cutter? Because of your selfish, non caring bad judgment you have killed a mother and ruined the lives of her children! You selfish son of a bitch! I hope your coffee tasted like shit this morning and I hope everytime you get a coffee you think about poor Bobby Jean and her children.

The moral of this story: Make your decisions carefully as you never know how they will affect another human being.

Happy Friday!

PS I may be having some anger management issues this morning....ya think?


Blogger shellibells said...

Bobby Jean.....Here's ten bux....go buy your kids some dickdonalds....

10:04 AM  
Blogger Sissychong said...

Bobby Jean thanks you, maybe she can hook up with the ex-brain surgeon that got fired for the logistics problem, now that would be a bitter sweet ending

11:04 AM  

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