Thursday, November 04, 2004

Is This It, Is This My Lightening Bolt?

Yesterday while sitting in my car and fumbling around in my purse my tweezers went flying. They landed wedged between my passenger seat and my console. I squeezed two fingers into that spot and as I slid them down to grasp the tweezers, the crevice open more due to my fingers and the tweezers slid down into the abyss. A look of horror shown on my face and panic crept into my being.

I carry my tweezers EVERywhere. You never know when the condition of the light illuminating ones brows will cause the need for spontaneous tweezing.

My irrational side thought, ok get the tools from hubby's tool box. There must be something in there that I can crawl under my car with and unhinge, unscrew or unlock whatever is holding my seat in my car. This will allow me to liberate the tweezers, thereby saving my emotional life. I can picture myself doing this. I can picture the smile on my face and feel the relief in my mind when I see the sparkle of my oh so shiny tweezers against my dark car rug.

I admit I am slightly (slightly?) obsessive/compulsive about the tweezing. Is any one else this crazed or is it me?

Is this my lightning bolt? It HAS been a pain in the ass not being able to excersize one of my civil rights. You know the one, yeah, freedom of tweezing. If this IS my lightening bolt, then God I commend your leniency and applaud your compassion. You have made your point and it has been well taken. I'll never yell at you again, lest I suffer the wrath of the unruly unibrow.

Happy Thursday

PS. In related news, on the way back from the store, I saw a 3 1/2 legged fox hobbling down the sidewalk. First off a fox, on the sidewalk? Secondly a fox with 3 1/2 legs, on the sidewalk? Maybe that was my bolt. Things could be worse, I'll quit my whining now.


Blogger Cece said...

Rip that motherfucking car APART!

3:30 PM  
Blogger Stellina said...

Ah... I like waxing then tweezing in between, in direct sunlight.

4:08 PM  

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