Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Mars and Venus

This is an old situation I found myself in that we (Mr. Mars and Miss Venus) could not seem to agree upon. I would like opinions from men and women, if there are actually any men that read this. If not ask your husbands and tell me what they say.

Mr. Mars works part time at a physically demanding outside job. It's summer, it's hot. Mr. Mars has a female co-worker, who does the same job. One day Mr. Mars invites Miss Venus to go to work with him and enjoy the scenery and sunshine, while he works. Miss Venus says what the hell and goes. Female co-worker is working in shorts and a bikini top. When she sees that Miss Venus is with Mr. Mars today she scurries away and puts on a shirt, over her bikini top.

Miss Venus thinks this is sneaky, underhanded. Why would female co-worker go put on a shirt because Miss Venus is there? Miss Venus thinks female co-worker, had on previous occasions been trying to catch Mr. Mars' attention with her bikini top.

Mr. Mars think she is being respectful, not to be walking around in front of Miss Venus half nekked. (coughbullshitcough)

What do YOU think?


Blogger shellibells said...

I think female co-worker is a dirty pig. On the other hand, if Mr. Mars had anything to hide or thought Miss Venus be infuriated he would've warned female co-worker ahead of time to keep her shirt on! Apparantly he did not think it was a big deal.
Men are all pigs. I highly doubt any man would say to female co-worker, "Uhm, would you mind covering up your 28 double d's in a bikini top? I don't think Miss Venus would appreciate it much!! "

3:18 PM  
Blogger muse said...

I agree with shellibells (both about the female coworker being a sly -insert expletive- and about the man probably having a clear conscience, or else really not being good at covering up his tracks).

If it gets that warm while working, there is such a thing as a tank top, fer crying out loud! More appropriate in a work situation, as far as I am concerned. ;p

4:16 PM  
Blogger Michael Moore said...

Ok, so here goes:

The woman, who I will call Ms. Earth (because she is trying to get between Mars and Venus... badum!) is likely trying to get the attention of any of the men who work with her, not necessarily your husband. It is also very likely that she didn't want you to think less of her, or try to incriminate your husband (after all, this is the situation you find yourself in. Imagine if she had STAYED in her bikini top).
Very likely, she has a devil may care attitude about the whole thing. It gets hot and maybe she is doing it for comfort. Who can say really. The only solution is to ask the woman straight out, "Dear Ms. Earth--what do you have against clothes?"


2:38 PM  
Blogger Cece said...

Mr. Moore has a nice point but then really don't know the evil devious ways of women. Silly men. I think that chick is a ho. 'nuff said.

1:11 PM  
Blogger Sissychong said...

Ho with a capital H

1:40 PM  

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