Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Waiting for a Lightening Bolt

I yelled at God this morning. Yup, I lost my temper 'wit da man" (woman?) I am not a deeply religious person. I have not been to church since I was a child. But some time in the very near future I will see the clouds part and a very angry lightening bolt will shoot from the sky directly at my ass. All because I couldn't keep my big mouth shut.

Apparently, I am so out of shape that I can not bend at the waist to spray gel the underside of my hair. I did this Tuesday morning and pulled a muscle in my lower back. I am walking like I have a load in my draws. The action of sitting forces grunts and groans from my lips. This morning while trying to get to my feet from a horizontal position, I groaned so loud that my 15 year old daughter came running from the second floor of our house to check on my well being.

Of course because of my limited movement the little ones and I were running behind schedule this morning. My 6 year old, with her coat half on, was struggling to put on my socks for me, when the school bus came. She kissed me, said sorry I can't finish, and went out the door. So there I was, half laying half sitting on the couch, with one sock on and the other dangling from my toes. I tried to sit up and the pain ripped thru my back. I flopped back down on the couch and staring at the ceiling I screamed "Why are you doing this to me, don't I have enough misery in my life right now?"

When the muscle spasm stopped I eventually got to my feet. I slid my sock the rest of the way onto my foot by pushing my foot on the rug. I was able to put my shoes on, thank goodness they are the "no-tie-slip-on type" and I left for work.

So now I am feel like I am one step away from total catastrophe. There is only one thing I can do. Apologize to the big guy.


Blogger shellibells said...

Awesome post! I am sitting here on my bed laughing my ass off!

You'd better go to confession!

11:35 PM  
Blogger Dgn said...


Funny - that is if I hadnt felt everything you wrote as I read it! :/ I had almost the same problem last week.. :/ not as bad tough :/ But bad enough to send nauseating pain trough my back if I did anything but keep it straight :/
Hope you get better soon (Try a sauna, it helps.. kinda.. The heath does miracles :))

7:28 PM  

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