Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Christmas Bonus', Pimples and Screaming, Oh My!

OK, I have been being called Sissyslacker because I haven't posted in 5 days. (Shelibells you big bully)

I do not have internet access at home anymore because I am poowa. When it became apparent that my husband was not going to be able to hold a job right now I had to trim the fat from my budget. (Not to mention the fat from my body). Unfortunately for me and my teenagers, internet service is "fat".

Fortunately, I DO have internet access at work. But I have not had time to post. I have to get my work done first. It IS Christmas Bonus time, so I am on my bestest of best behavior. Ya see its all about the green. So keep your money clips crossed for me.


Now for the post:

Last Friday 'Lil Diva (my 6 year old daughter, you can see her here, she is on the left, http://shelibells.blogspot.com/2004/12/cheeeeeeeeeeze.html) woke up with a pimple on her face. Her world stopped turning and fell off its access as soon as she saw it in the mirror. Her jaw dropped. She screamed. I looked down at her, we were sharing the bathroom at the time. She said, and I quote "MUM I HAVE A PIMPLE, I can not go to school like this". She began to cry. And cry and cry and cry she did. For a really long time. I wanted to jab sharp objects into both of my ears to relieve myself of her misery. After 15 minutes of trying to reason with her, I was ready to crawl back into bed and hide under the covers. Have you ever tried to reason with a 6 year old who is much, I will say it again for emphasis, MUCH to worried about her looks, over a dam pimple? Not pretty people.

Finally, I managed to get her moving in the direction of the bus stop. She had her winter coat on zipped all the way up to the top, covering the lower half of her face inside. She mumbled, "Thudg hfdmsfe, jdhfbxncvksjdf?" Which I will translate for you. "This will work on the bus, but what about when I have to take my coat off at school?" Ugh, there we went again, more tears.

Waiting in the car for the bus to come, she pulled down the passenger side vanity mirror, and said, "Oh no, now my face is all red from crying" I thought I was going to pass out as I bashed my head on the steering wheel several times, to make sure I wasn't having a nightmare.

Eventually she got on the bus and went to school. On the way out of the car door she said, "Nobody better make fun of me!" And I hope no one did because I swear the girl would have punched them out!

Why is she so obsessed with her appearance, you ask? I don't know. I am not obsessed with mine. I mean, ya know, I try to look good and I am not a grub or anything, but if I am having a bad hair day, or I wake up with a pimple, I do not have a melt down over it.

My hubby could stand in the mirror for an hour and change his clothes twenty times before he goes any where. Maybe she is getting this body image problem from him? That's bass ackwards, if you ask me. She should be mimicking me not her dad, no?

I am afraid of how she will be in her teens if she is this devastated by a pimple now. Do they have body image counselors for 6 year olds? Oi-vey!


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This post is Overly ammusing :)
You have a funny kid!

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