Thursday, December 02, 2004

HI. GOOD MORNING. I. HAVE. SO. MUCH. ENERGY. RIGHT. NOW! I feel like Tony Little. I feel like yelling everything I have to say. Tony Little does annoy me though.

I peddled my ass 11 miles this morning. I will pause for a moment whilst you pick up and re-attach your jaw. OK? All set?

I have started what I will call "Operation Hottie", my plan to lose weight and get fit and feel young and beautiful.

It's amazing how much better I feel about myself today. I know I haven't lost any weight yet, but I do not "feel" as fat as I usually do, in my mind.

I was at the gym from 5:15 to about 6. Stopped and got coffee and donuts on the way home. Don't worry the donuts were not for me. And I didn't eat ANY! Next I woke up the bambinos, gave them their clothes and told them to get to dressing, while I hopped in the shower. Got out made lunch for my boy (he hates school lunch) and for myself, finished them up with the teeth and hair brushing, hopped in my clothes and we were out the door. 'Lil Diva had a bit of a meltdown at one point, but all those happy exercise endorphins were swimming around my brain so, I didn't stress as much as usual.

All in all this AM has been a positive experience. Now if I can just keep my rebellious hands from stuffing junk food into my face, that will be the hard part. I am planning to follow the point system from weight watchers, although I am NOT paying them 13 bux a week to weigh me. I have been thru the program so many dam times I could probably be a group leader. Maybe I will try to put 10 of that 13 in a separate account as a reward for my hard work. Maybe I can take a trip or buy something I want, that is not chocolate, when I have reached my goal. We'll see.

Anyway, it seems like I just may be catching up with that pesky "happiness" after all.

Happy Thursday!


Blogger Michelle said...

Way to go. Glad you had a good morning! Definiely put that $10 away as a reward. Each week you should put another small amount away as an incentive!

4:10 PM  

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