Thursday, December 09, 2004

A Lexus for Xmas

(An actual IM conversation with Santa-bot)

sissychong: Hi Santa
SantaClaus: Hey. You're back.

sissychong: I have been a very good girl this year
SantaClaus: Excellent! Don't forget to come back here on Dec 22. for your free gift!.

sissychong: Ummmmm, can I have a Lexus for Xmas?
SantaClaus: Is that all, now?

sissychong: Ummmmm, no that is not all I want.
SantaClaus: O.K. Let's focus on one wish at a time! I'm getting a little slower as I get older. So, what is the first gift you'd like from Santa?

sissychong: a Lexus for Xmas
SantaClaus: What else is at the top of your list?

sissychong: diamonds and furs
SantaClaus: Ho Ho Ho, sounds exquisite! What else is at the top of your list?

sissychong: is that all you can say?
SantaClaus: What would your final Christmas wish be?

sissychong: jeeeee...pushy...huh.........ummm.....lets see...I want a pony
SantaClaus: Ho Ho!, Well, always wear your safety gear! What else is at the top of your list?

sissychong: Santa I don't think you are taking me seriously here
SantaClaus: So what would your final Christmas wish be?

sissychong: I already told you, a pony but I changed my mind, I want a Stallion {{wink, wink}}SantaClaus: O.K. that's plenty for Santa to go on.

sissychong: Santa that sucks
SantaClaus: I don't respond to that kind of language.A lump of coal for you.

sissychong: Oh no no wait I am sorry
SantaClaus: Hi! Elves here! Santa is listening to other children's wishes now. You can jump back in line

sissychong: but
SantaClaus: Oh, Dear. It's the elves again isn't it

sissychong: but
SantaClaus: May I ask you a question?

sissychong: yes
SantaClaus: Have you donated your time or money to anyone who is really in need this year?

sissychong: Well, kind of
SantaClaus: Can I ask YOU something?

sissychong: sure
SantaClaus: Which color are you more partial to? You know, like if it were clothing or something. Someone asked me to find out for them.

sissychong: umm black, it is slimming
SantaClaus: Interesting... Hmm... Black. OK. I will make a note of it. Now Make sure you fill in your Wish List for other AIM buddies to see.

sissychong: Santa are you blowing me off?
SantaClaus: Of course I am real. As long as you believe in me, I will be real.

sissychong: Santa I asked if you were blowing me off
SantaClaus: Take a moment, collect your thoughts, and try asking me another way. O.K. ?

sissychong: ummmm, ok
SantaClaus: Cool.

sissychong: are you too busy to chat right now?
SantaClaus: You're full of mischief.

sissychong: well yea thats where the stallion comes in...hee hee
SantaClaus: Where indeed?

sissychong: {{{GASP}}} SANTA you naughty boy
SantaClaus: Santa always behaves nicely. Mrs. Claus won't have it any other way.

sissychong: I don't think Mrs. Claus would like it if she new you were asking where I was going to put my stallion
SantaClaus: Whoa! Ho! Ho! slow down there! That's quite a lot for a man of my age to wrap his head around.

sissychong: haaaah never mind
SantaClaus: Hmm.

sissychong: why don't you send me a check that will put me in the Christmas spirit
SantaClaus: What do you think?

sissychong: I think a check would do it
SantaClaus: Heh, its settled then.

sissychong: I get a check?
SantaClaus: Ah -- you've got me again.

sissychong: Santa you are avoiding the question?
SantaClaus: Well, are you real? I'm here talking to you. Of course, I'm real.

sissychong: I am real yes
SantaClaus: Without a doubt?

sissychong: Ummm..{{poking self}} yup!
SantaClaus: Wait, I was dancing to 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town' and got a little carried away.

sissychong: Have you been drinking?
SantaClaus: Sorry the elves didn't get that.

sissychong: Are they drinking too?
SantaClaus: Alright now. I'm here to spread Christmas cheer -- so use this time wisely and type carefully.

sissychong: Are the elves frisky?
SantaClaus: I've got all I can handle.

sissychong: I have this weird Christmas Elf fantasy
SantaClaus: Something you want to know about them?

sissychong: yes
SantaClaus: Yes!!

sissychong: DO they like to ya know "get jiggy"?
SantaClaus: My goodness. I'm afraid I cannot respond to that kind of talk.A lump of coal for you.

sissychong: Another lump?
SantaClaus: My goodness! You certainly are direct!

sissychong: ok Santa, I have to get back to work now, please remember my stallion, ok?SantaClaus: You can always type, 'Tell Santa' and I'll be happy to listen to all of your wishes! sissychong: OK bye

SantaClaus: Good.
sissychong: Jeez that wasn't nice

SantaClaus: Wonderful! Now we are getting somewhere.
sissychong: Shit santa
SantaClaus: Hmm. I'm afraid that kind of language won't get you into the nice column with me.That's a lump of coal for you.

sissychong: Shit another lump
SantaClaus: Keep spreading the Christmas spirit! TTYL

sissychong: Spread this Big boy
SantaClaus: Yeah, everyone keeps asking me about that. I think you can start your search here: Big Air Ball Tower

sissychong: Yikes, santa you frisky old man you
SantaClaus: Interesting.

sissychong: Time for me to go before Mrs. Claus wants to kick my ass!
SantaClaus: Now, that's not necessary. I have to go check on the elves.

sissychong: ok, bye, nice chatting with you.
SantaClaus: Good bye and have a Merry Christmas.


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