Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Where for Art Thou Babee

I got home form work last night and Babee was not sitting on the arm of the loveseat waiting for me. I thought it was strange so I gave my trademark {{smooch, smooch}}, which means get your little cat tail over here. I waited and listened for the jingle-jangle of her little bell and the pitter pat of her little paws. NOTHING. I went to the staircase, figuring maybe she was enthralled in a catnip dream and couldn't hear me. {{smooch, smooch}} No jingle or jangle. My heart sank. My mind raced. I sat down my family and interrogated them, firing off questions like a machine gun.

When's the last time you saw babee?
Did you leave the door open at all today?
Who came in or out of this house today?
Could she have ran out with out you seeing her when you left?

None of the answers led me to her where abouts. And quite honestly I started to freak. I opened the Parlor window and started shouting and smooching for her. Nothing. M said stop that before someone calls the police because there is a crazy lady yelling Babee and smooching out the window.

He said she is probably asleep under the bed upstairs. But I knew she wasn't, she would have come when I called her. I said you don't understand we have a connection, something is wrong. What if she got out in the cold? She will die. She will freeze to death. Or someone will feel bad and take her in and I will never see her again. He slapped me hard on the cheek and said Get a'hold of yourself woman! No, not really but maybe he should have. He said go sit down and relax, you are stressed out. He grabbed his mag light and set about to look for my kitten.

About 10 minutes later I heard, "Oh Mummy, we have a present for youuuuuuuuuu". And there in my husbands arms was my 6 year old daughter, and in her arms was my Kitten! And on their faces were the biggest, proudest smiles! They found her in the closet, in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Some how she had run in their when my daughter was getting her clothes and then got closed in when she closed the door. She spent a traumatic day locked in the dark closet. She was a little skiddish for an hour or 2 but after that she cuddled up with me and we fell asleep. I woke up this morning still cuddled with my kitten. My husband never woke me. He cleaned up after supper, bathed the kids, got them into bed, got out their clothes for today and he let me sleep. Oh and he rescued my kitten. He was Super-Hubby. And did I mention HE RESCUED MY KITTEN? I could almost forgive his procrastinating ways for this.

Happy Wednesday (C-2 and counting)


Blogger Doris said...

Thank you for the lovely comment ^.~
Wow...I bet the kitty was cute! Hehe
Have a happy holidays as well..
You and your whole family :)

2:12 PM  
Blogger Random and Odd said...

Adorable!! I sorta lost a kid like that once...she fell asleep BEHIND he couch! I freaked out and started looking in places where you would think you would find lost socks! And there she was, sleeping. I said, "Alyx!" She woke up and said, "Did she find me? Did Shea find me?"
She had fallen asleep while playing Hide and Go Seek!!!

2:54 PM  
Blogger Dgn said...

Aaaaaaaaah - How Sweet :))

3:49 AM  
Blogger Cece said...

yummy kitty.

11:48 AM  

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