Thursday, February 17, 2005

Random Acts of Whaaaat?, how long ya had dat problem?

Today, my friends, is "Random Acts of Kindness Day".

Better than Random Acts of Violence Day, which is like almost everyday in my city. I wonder if the gangs members are aware of this. I wonder if the leaders (for lack of a better word), will be extending olive branches to each other today? Highly unlikely, I know, but a girl can dream.


Leader1: Yo dude, I real sorry I popped a cap in ya boys ass. If ida known it was this close to "Random Acts of Kindness Day", I never woulda done dat.

Leader2: Word, its ok, only a flesh wound, and you owed me fo stealin' your customers on dat deal.

Leader1: It's aww-ight brotha-man, we square now. Ya know, just fa today.

Leader2: Word!

{insert: fist clasp, shoulder tapping and a hand clap on the back}

Happy Fucking Thursday!


Blogger Pissy Britches said...

You are one crazy biatch you know that.
My Random Act of Kindness can be to attempt not to cuss anyone out at work all day, to flip anyone off when I drive home today, to not scream at anyone when I get home today. Man, that is gonna be hard.

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

God wasn't kind to me today. I woke up sick. SO I'M A LITTLE PISSED OFF!



11:53 AM  
Blogger Dgn said...

shity day


2:14 PM  

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