Thursday, February 10, 2005

Trust me, don't do it!

Advice for my male readers:

Never ask a woman when her PMS will end, please for your own safety. Luckily for my husband, we were on the phone. If we were not I would have thrown something at him. Something heavy and solid, like a frying pan or a bowling ball.

You think it's bad for you because we are cranky? You have no idea what it feels like to exist with-in the PMS. To be trapped for days, in a world of bloated, crankiness, where your clothes suddenly don't fit and your only happiness is to consume massive amounts of chocolate.

I feel like the bluberry girl on Willy Wonka! Only there are no umpa lumpa's to roll me away. I am extra tired and it really doesn't matter how much sleep I got the night before. I am exhausted as soon as my eyes open in the morning. My back hurts, I have cramps and a dam headache. I have zero tolerance for any stupidness. So don't fuck with me. I don't even like myself right now, so don't expect me to like you! And please no fucking whining about it either. I was made this way so I could bare your freakin kids dam it. Just DEAL WITH IT!

Happy Fucking Thursday!


Blogger shellibells said...

That is not the first time I've read "happy fucking thursday"'s supposed to be PAYDAY! GEez!
OH, lets all whine together shall we!
FUCK THE WORLD AND PMS. Let men spit kids out their peehole, they will never fucken whine again about our PMS!

3:48 PM  
Blogger Pissy Britches said...

God I am so with you girl. My Dr. put me on this new pill..Seasonale..I only have you know the thing once every three months now..Well I love that part but damn let me tell you..I have been PMS'ing for 3 weeks..I ate ALL fucking day today..I mean all day! And I don't even start the actual "thing" until next week. It sucks being a woman sometimes..this is one of those times. Hope you feel better :)

8:59 PM  

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