Monday, March 07, 2005

Out of his Mother's Clutches

Thank you all for your support and well wishes for Scott, Mattea and Hannah. You have renewed my faith in the human spirit. It amazes me how we (bloggers/journalers) have so much compassion for one another even though in some cases we are thousands of miles apart and have never met. Amazing.

Speaking of compassion and caring ya'all had some very good ideas on how to handle the situation with my son. Before hubbychong and I had a chance to talk to him and lay down the law, he and his gf decided they wanted to move into an apartment in MAINE. This apartment is being rented right now by a family member, but said family member is moving as of April 1st.

I really hope they are serious about this. It is a very sweet siuation. Utilities are included in the rent and the place is completely furnished. And the rent is cheap. All they have to do is get jobs. If they both work full time then they will have no problem affording the rent and food and still having some money in their pockets. I am excited for them.

On the other hand, I am a mother and I have never experienced a child moving away from home. If I let myself really think about it I have wicked anxiety over it. My baby, my son, he is leaving, will he wash his clothes right? Does he even know how to operate a washing machine? (shuddup, of course he does) Will he be able to cook for himself or will he eat frozen pizzas and hot pockets for the rest of his life? I know its all silly, but at the same time real. I worry about how his siblings will miss him, although they don't seem to be worried. I guess I just worry too much.

I am trying very hard to keep my hands out of the situation except for morale support. He has to come up with the deposit for the apartment. I am sure I could finagle a way to help him out with that BUT, that would just be defeating the purpose of him learning responsibility. Once again I would be just handing him something he did not work for. Not good.

I hope this is the beginning of something great for him. We'll see!

13 days until Spring!

Happy Monday!


Blogger Pissy Britches said...

Some situations luckily just work themselves out! That is great. Hopefully they will get it together and make it on their own. I wish them WELL!! WOO HOO!

5:05 PM  
Blogger part-timer said...

Well, there you go. Good luck to him and you! And try not to worry too much about the laundry and meals, etc. He'll be fine. He will. You're a good mom.

6:58 PM  

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