Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Sissy's Not So Excellent Adventure

Well yesterday I promised you an update on my weekend.

This was the weekend, I loaded all my son's belongings into my car and drove him 200 hundred miles and dropped him off. We were supposed to go on Friday night, but the weather man promised miserable driving conditions, so I post-poned the trip until Sunday. You have no idea how much I had to pay the weather man to broadcast miserable driving conditions, but it was worth it.

Saturday rolled around and my son was getting antsy to leave. The weather did not happen the way the weather man had said it would so, at 4:30 pm, we decided to leave.

This is the part where I am supposed to tell you all that I am an Indian Road Trip Giver. You see, I invited Sheli to take the trip with me on Sunday. But then I dissed her, and decided to go on Saturday. So, yes, I admit it, I am a Indian Giver of Road Trips. What a bitch!


The first stop was to my son's girlfriend's mother's house, so she could say goodbye. Yes, she decided to move with him. Yes, this is the same woman who just got out of the clink. The next part of the story I am going to tell with my thoughts in italics and my actual words in bold.

We get there and the jail bird mother comes outside. I had not met her yet. I extend my hand to introduce myself, she ignores my hand, the conversation went like this:

JailBird: {{crying and talking loud}} ARE YOU SURE THIS IS A GOOD IDEA?

Sissy: Well,I don't know if it is or not but I know they can have a better........at this point she cuts me off.........


Sissy: Well you shoulda kept your drug addicted ass out of jail then! I can tell you that if there is anything wrong I can get to them in 3 hours, if that makes you feel any better.


Sissy: Your own dam fault, not mine. Well......at this point I get cut off again and JailBird turns to my son


Daughterof hers: MA, stop that!

SonofMine: {{kerplunk}} sound of jaw hitting ground

Sissy: Don't you dare talk to my son like that you stupid bitch. If anything happens to my son, I am coming after your ASS and it ain't gonna be pretty! I really don't think it is necessary for you to talk to my son like that, he is a good boy and cares about your daughter.

Nothing more is said. She turns to her male friend and buries her face in his chest and cries and sobs, while he guides her into the house.

But I am ripping! As she walks away I am looking at her, trying to stop myself from jumping on her and pulling all of her ugly-ass hair out of her ugly-ass head. Hubbychong, sees the look in my eyes, and suggests we hit the road.

Can you beleive that shit? I can not! No class, jailbird-ass bitch!

Next we hit the highway. The drive was slow and long. It took 4 hours instead of 3 because the highway was a mess. We saw at least 3 cars that had spun off the road. Two were SUV's. They apparently did not have the driving skilz of Sissychong!

We got there at 10 pm. oh wait, I tried the new Tendercrisp bacon cheddar raaaanch! Then we got there at 10 pm.

I took the kids to the grocery store, yes, at that time of night. Bought them a week or so's worth of food. I put the new sheets on there bed, helped them unpack a bit. I kissed and hugged them both and told them both, either of them to call me if they needed me. (See I am nice like that, even though I officially dis-like her mother I will not take it out on her). And we left. It took another 4 hours to get home. It sucked, really, really bad, the drive that is. We made it back to Casa del Chong at 4:30 in the freakin morning. Needless to say I was in bed all day on Sunday. Suckage!

So, my son is looking for a job, he likes it there so far. All is well. I call him everynight to see if he is crying yet. You know because he misses me so much, but he is doing a good job of keeping his composure, unlike me. I don't let him know I cry, I don't want to hold him back.

I call him everynight. I can not help myself, I need to hear the sound of his voice. He sounds like such a man on the phone now, cooking his own supper and doing dishes, talking about walking to the laundry mat and cleaning the house. UGH.....at times, it hurts so much to be a parent, doesn't it? This leaving home business was not in the owners manual I got when I brought my kid home from the hospital. Unless that was the part he drooled on, that I could not read.

Happy Tuesday!


Blogger Mrs.Strizzay said...

When i got to the part about him sounding like a man and baby drool I felt the tingle in my nose and tears in my eyes.

7:15 PM  
Blogger Pissy Britches said...

Ok. Are you sure this jailbird bitch isn't my stepkids mother? Sounds just like her.
You did a damn good job controlling yourself I will have to tell you. I would have had to punch that crack head in the mouth.
Ignorant people piss me off.
You are such a good mommy! Please keep us updated on how SonnyChong is doing!

9:32 AM  
Blogger muse said...

Jeez, sounds like she ought to appear on Jerry Springer! :p

You, on the other hand, are such a great mom! The grocery and help unpacking part reminded me of my own mom when I got my first place at 17... :)

11:43 AM  

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