Thursday, May 26, 2005

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Here he is. As promised the boy at 19. There are some pretty scenic river pictures here and a couple of pictures of my Chong-ettes here if your interested.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Thoughts On Migration

This weekend my family and I are making a trip to the great state of Maine. Yes, another one. Yes, we were just there two short weeks ago. We are going to view and apartment/duplex that really seems to good to be true. (pinch me)

The place is big enough for us. It is in our price range. The manager has given me the impression that we can have it if we want it. From researching the town online, it seems to be everything we are looking for. A quiet, rural, scenic place to live. There will be no pop-capping in this town for sure. No more street fights, on sunny days because drunkards can not hold their tongues. There are 93,000 less people in this town, than where we live now.

My kids are going to have major culture shock if we move there. But in a good way. I can picture my son saying, "Mom those two guys are shaking hands.....aren't they supposed to be spouting swear words and punching each other?"

I am both scared and excited to see the place. Excited for obvious reasons but at the same time I am picturing a shack in the woods with an outhouse. I need a flushing toilet people. A bear may pee in the woods but Sissy, does not. Unless I am drunk and it is an emergency...but that is another story all together.

I am also scared that it will be everything that we want. Then we will be moving, and that's scarey in itself. I have no clue how to co-ordinate a long distance move. Is there such a thing as a "long distance move" planner? Like a wedding planner on wheels? What's so hard right? Rent the truck, pack it up, drive it, unpack it, be happy. Seems easy enough. I better refill my valiums before I undertake this migration because the closest Dunkin Donuts is 42 miles away!

Anyone ever move their family hundreds of miles? Please share your experiences.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tuesday Trivia

A leading magazine reported that 75%* of all marriages are doomed, if the man proposed to the woman in this public place.

Where is it?

*Ok, i made up the percentage because I can not remember what the real percentage was, but it was high, higher than 75%, sorry I suffer from CRS, pity me.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Let the Commenting Begin!

Comments are fixed! Have a ball!

Brontosoraus, Stegasoraus and Kankasoraus!

Brontosoraus, Stegasoraus and Kankasoraus!

Good morning ya'all! I am still tweaking this new look. I can not seem to get comment to co-operate, dam html! Hopefully they will be up soon. I can not live with out feedback. Until this:

Bam-bam: Mom, I have a pimple in my mouth and it burns when I eat.

Sissy: Hmmm, after you are done eating, brush your teeth and I will look at it.
It's probably a kanka-sore.

Bam-bam: A kankasoraus?

'Lil Diva: A Kanka- sore-ass?

Sissy: Lets just call it a boo-boo...mmmmkay?

Happy Monday!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Psuedo PMS

My husband sent me on an errand last night. He loves to eat Hershey's chocolate bars and drink black coffee at the same time. So he asked me if I could stop at the store and buy him a 6 pack of Hershey bars. Now, I have spoken to him about this before. I don't think it's nice that he sends the fat chick for chocolate a couple of times a week. I can feel the customer's behind me looking at my purchases. I know what they're thinking. And what the cashier is thinking is even worse. "No wonder she is fat, she comes in here 3 times a week and buys 18 candy bars at a time!" They probably have nick-named me Hershey Butt!
When I was leaving for the store last night, I hollored, "Anyone else need anything from the store?" My daughter came up to me and whispered in my ear, "I need pads". NO PROBLEM right? I have long ago outgrown any embarrassment about buying these products. It wouldn't phase me, even if my father was the cashier and I was buying a case of ribbed for her pleasure
condoms. Pfft...whatever!
Let me give you some advice. Do not ever go to the store and purchase these two items together. I mean if you have a cart load of stuff, it doesn't matter. But when you walk up to the register with a box of pads and a couple of six packs of Hershey's chocolate bars.......well it just screams PMS. It was a horrible experience and it was no better for the boy behind the cash register! He fumbled with the box of pads and dropped them on the floor, there by making every person in the immediate vicinity rubberneck to see what had hit he floor. I could feel the tension as each pack of candy bars beeped thru the scanner. I wanted to explain to the boy that the chocolate was for my husband and the pads for my daughter, but...well that would have been down right tacky, I endured the totrture silently. I wonder what they call me now?
Happy "Hershey Butt" Friday!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Two Hundred-Twenty-Eight Month Letter

Randy 001
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Today you turn 19 years old. (228 months)NINETEEN FREAKIN YEARS OLD! I can not believe it. It seems like just yesterday, that I was in labor and so anxious about it that I would not let your grandmother leave my side. Not even to run out and smoke one quick cigarette. And we all know she loves those butts. She gave it up for those hours, she didn't want to miss your birth. And she didn't. The moment I heard your first cry is one of the most precious moments in my life. I cried the first time I looked into your beautiful blue eyes. There you were in my arms, after waiting to see you for 9 months. Nine months of playing soccer, with my ribs as the goal posts. I was convinced you would grow up to be a famous soccer player. I used to love to watch you roll around. My stomach looked like you were doing the wave in there at some points.

You were a great baby, always happy. I remember your grandmother offered to get up with you at night so I could sleep and I was like, no way, I am getting up with him, that's my boy. I was more than happy to get up, to spend time with you.

As you grew I was amazed at each milestone you reached. Your first smiled was when I squeezed the musical glow worm nana bought you when I was pregnant. You recognized the music. I used to squeeze that worm every night before I went to bed. I would hold it near my tummy, so you could hear the music.

The first time your little chubby fist tried to grab at the little plastic keys I used to juggle near you, I was amazed at your genious. You had such a look of concentration on your face!

Randy 002
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Your first steps, the first time you said the ABC's, the first time you wrote your name, I remember it all.

Randy 003
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I remember your first day of school like it was yesterday. I was so nervous to let you go into that cold cruel school with out me. What if your shoe came untied? What if you couldn't get your little straw out of its plastic at snack time? How would you ever open that little carton of milk, with out me? I don't know why I felt that way, at home you could be a miniature houdini. I guess it was a mother thing.

Randy 004
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You taught me so many things as you were growing up. Yea I know that sounds weird, but you did. You taught me that I could love unconditionally. You taught me to be strong. You taught me to never stop trying to have what I wanted in life. Because I wanted to instill these things in you, I tried to set an example.

Seventeen Yrs. Old

Randy 006
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I was so proud of you in everything you did. You played little league, you took karate. Only for a little while though. Those two hobbies didn't really appeal to you. You loved video games. You used to kick my butt when we played Mario Brothers. And you were what 7? Some where along the line you developed a love for wrestling. Your little league coach had given us some tickets to a local show, we saw several local shows and you were hooked! You went from wrestling around the parlor with your sister to back yard wrestling with all of your friends, a real ring and real shows. Then you wrestled semi-professional. Wow, the first time I saw a match I was in awe. You were great! Your stage name was Omega. I made a sign that said, "Omega Rocks!" I proudly waved it around and screamed as loud as I could when you came out! I lost my breath when you got thrown out of the ring and landed flat on your back on the concrete. Good thing you were ok, or I would have had to kick some semi-pro wrestler's butt. Or at least pull his hair!

I don't remember when you got your first skateboard. I don't remember who introduced you to that, but I am glad they did. You can flip that skateboard around like nobodies business. That is where you got the nickname FlipKid I guess. Even today I love to watch you skate, it amazes me how you are able to command that board.

When you left school it broke my heart. I was so sad and worried about you. The only way I could react was to help you, love you, support you. I wasn't happy about it but this is where unconditional love comes in. I just had to keep pointing you in the right direction and hope you would find the right path. And eventually you did. It was many grey hairs and sleepless nights later but you did. I could never understand how some of your friend's parents could kick them out on the street with no where to go. I guess it was their style of parenting. But it sure wasn't mine. I tried to be 14, 15, 16, 17 again and put myself in your shoes to understand how you were feeling. I think that worked pretty well.
Those were rough years, but we stuck together and got thru them.

I think of you now and I am filled with pride. You have turned out to be quite a young man. You have your own place now. It was so hard to bring you there. But in my heart I knew it was the right thing to do. The best thing for you was a fresh start. These past 4 months have been hard for me. I miss you so much. Sometimes I will be home and I hear a skateboard go down the street and I automatically think, "Randy is home" And then I realize that you are not. This year was filled with a lot of firsts for us too. First Easter apart, first Mother's Day apart and now your first Birthday away from me. I realize we have entered into another chapter of our relationship and I am getting used to it.

We have never been rich. We have not always had everything we wanted, when we wanted it, but I hope you know that my heart was always overflowing with love for you. I guess I just wanted to say I love you, I am proud of you and thank you for all of the beautiful memories I have of the past 19 years.

Happy Birthday Randy!

(Tomorrow I will post a picture of him now at 19)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.


Why does Dog The Bounty Hunter always say "Bra" instead of "Bro"?

P.S. you man!

Tuesday Trivia

What song is played 365 days a year, all around the world?

HINT: It is most liked by woman and children, not so much men.

I can smell the brain cells burning already!

What's your guess?

Friday, May 13, 2005


Someone really should invent instant drying white out.

I do NOT have the patience to sit here and wait for this shit to dry!

How Long Ya Had That problem?

I had a strange dream last night. I think Kristine lodged the thought in my subconscious with her post. Now months later is it back to haunt me.

All I remember of the dream is looking down, and there was hair on my boobs. Now I am not talking about your average stray. I am talking about the Austin Powers variety of fur. Yes people, I had furry boobs. I was so horrified. Mortified even. I ran to my dresser looking in the mirror, hoping I was hallucinating. What I saw did not help me. I kept looking back and fourth from my horrified face to my furry boobs. My face was frozen in the "Home Alone" position. It looked like I had two furry pasties on. I looked like this. Only not blue. Now, picture that, with McCauly Culkin's face, except with longer, slightly darker hair (on my head).

I woke up at that point, so I don't know how I remedied the situation. I was probably late for work and just stuffed my furry boobs into a bra, put my shirt on backwards and ran out the door! Thank god, it was a dream!

Happy Friday the 13th!

Happy "going to visit my son" weekend!

I am coming to Maine H.O. Potomus...I'll be the one with all the teeth!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Shit, Tagged Again!

My Ten Favorite Things:
(In random order)

1. Chocolate
2. Sunshine on my face
3. Laughing with good friends
4. Walking barefoot in the sand
5. Virgin Snow (unwalked in, un pissed in, before it gets all dirty and yukky)
6. Fettucini Alfredo
7. Monet Paintings
8. Kissing baby toes
9. Eskimo kisses with my kids
10. My pillow, my comfoter, my bed and sleep (technically that is 4 but they all go together)

And with that my friends I am going to take a nap {{yawn}}

Shit, I done Got Myself Tagged!

If I could be a scientist
If I could be a comedian I so totally would do stand up. I love to make people laugh, probably why I am such a goof!
If I could be a farmer
If I could be a musician
If I could be a doctor
If I could be a painter I would move to the South of France, and I would paint beautiful landscapes from the buttcrack of dawn right straight into the evening!
If I could be a gardener
If I could be a chef
If I could be a psychologist
If I could be an athlete I think I would be a gymnast, and I would work really hard and make it onto the USA olympic team and then I would win the gold medal. And after they presented me with the medal I would stick my thumbs in my ears, wiggle my fingers and stick out my tongue at the camera for all the world to see!
If I could be an inn-keeper
If I could be a professor
If I could be a writer
If I could be a llama-rider
If I could be a bonnie pirate
If I could be a world famous blogger
If I could be a justice on any one court in the world
If I could be married to any current famous political figure I would divorce his ass right quick, everybody knows you can not trust politicians, they are all crooked as the Mighty Mississipi!
If I could be an astronaut
If I could be an architect
If I could be a linguist
If I could be a librarian
If I could be a lawyer I would quit my job and move to a warm carribean island where I would live out the rest of my life walking barefoot in the sand and drinking Margarita's with Jimmy Buffet!

I am glad that is over! Now, I totally have to tag 3 people, except Shelli has already tagged everybody, (greedy biyatch) so ummm.......if you are reading this and you have not been are it! Don't forget to post in my comments and let us all know when you are done so we can go read your answers.

The rules are pick 5 occupations and you know, do it up! DO IT UP? HA! That phrase was so cool in 19.............ummmm, high school. It was a stoner phrase if my aged memory serve me correctly!

Oh, that leads me to a question: What word or phrase was popular when you were a teen ager?
Let's put together a least of "I would NEVER say that now" phrases. Yayyyeee I invented a game!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Shutcha Mouth Foo, an Getcha Crew!

Have any of ya'all heard "SWITCH", by Will Smith? OK, stop your laughing. Yes I said Will Smith. So what, I like him, make fun if you want to, I don't care. Something about that dam song pumps me up. It gets my blood pumping, makes me want to shake my groove thang! I don't know if it is the words, or the beat, or both but, oh man, I dig it. So much so, that I had to immediately go to Wally World after I heard it for the first time, to buy the CD. I sometimes listen to that song over and over again on the way to work. Dancing in my seat, with the music very loud. It gets a tad embarrassing when I stop at a traffic light, still dancing in my seat, and I look over and see the guy/girl next to me smirking at me. Today, the song was at the "shutcha mouth foo, getcha crew" part and I mouthed the words, as Big Willie sang them, to the smirking tartlette next to me. HA! Big Willie's got my back girl, don'tcha be smirkin at me!

What song pumps you up? And why? And what's the silliest thing you have ever done while listening to said song?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Is it in the Stars?

This is my horocope for today:

Capricorn(Dec. 22-Jan. 19)Thinking about asking for that raise? Well think no longer. Step right up and ask for it. There's no way they can refuse you now. After the stellar performance you've been putting on lately, they'd be foolish to lose you.

Do you believe in horoscopes and astrology? I do and I don't. I have been thinking about asking for a raise. I even bounced a few ideas off Shelli the other day. So does this mean I should ask? I had tentitively decided not to because I didn't think I could stand the sound of their laughter, echoing in my head for the rest of my life. But, according to my horoscope I am in like flin. {who IS flin anyway?}

Does anyone have any experience with the reliability of horoscopes? Have you followed the advise and gotten totally screwed? Have you not followed the advice only to find out later that you should have?

(added 2 hours after original post)
PS. I just realized I had my fucking shirt on backwards! Today may not be the day to ask for a raise, I wonder if my boss noticed. Aaah fuck, this man trusts me with his business? I can not even dress properly! I mean it was kind of dark in the bedroom but the buttons down the back should have been a clue! (kidding)

Monday, May 09, 2005

Change is Good!

I feel pretty, oh so pretty {{ballet turn...ballet turn}}

Kristine fixed me up real purty like! And now I have girly flowers. Beautiful. Isn't she wonderful? {{insert the roar of the crown}} She just im'd my ass, well not my ass, but you know, and she was bored and asked me if she could fix my blog. In 15 or so minutes she was done and there you have it! She is a WIZ! Thank You, oh wonderful fixer of blogs {{bowing}}.

I hope ya'all had a great Mother's Day. I did. When I got home on Friday, I had gotten a card in the mail. It was from my oldest son for Muma's Day. It was a beautiful card. It is the first card I have gotten from him since he stopped making me cute things in school. Inside he wrote: Mom, I appreciate all the help you have given me over the years with my problems. Everything is going to be alright now. I love you.

And I cried, and cried. It was so nice to read those words. Ya know when you go thru rough times with your child, you just have to keep talking, keep communication open. Tell them things, sometimes over and over again. Once they are at a certain age you have to let them make decisions for themselves, right or wrong they have to make their own mistakes. You hope you have instilled in them good judgement and good morals and you hope that one day they will say something to let you know they heard all those things your were saying, just may not have used your advise at that moment. When I read his words, I knew he had heard everything I have said thru the years. Going to see him this weekend for his birthday. He will be 19 years old on Wednesday, May 18th...BoooYAH!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Call me Van Gogh

I just got up from my desk with my ear piece still connected to my phone and I nearly ripped my ear off! That made me think of Van Gogh. Van Gogh made me think of the trip I took this past Sunday to an area museum, to see some fine art.

I had such a great time. Hubby went with me and had never been to a museum such as this before. I could have walked around and studied the beautiful art work all day, but my feet got tired and Hubby's back started to hurt, it's tough getting old. My most favorite peices were of the expressionists, oh god I love Claude Monet. I could look at his paintings all day long and never get bored. And of course the there was the 8 foot high hand carved wooden Buddha and the Egyptian mummy and his sarcophogas. I forget his name, but he was a high preist.

When we left, and we were driving home, I asked what Hubby's favorite piece was. His reply was touching. He said my favorite piece was watching you stare at the artwork, how you study it and your eyes light up. Awwwee, he is so sweet.

You see I have a degree in graphic design. Which means I also studied fine arts for, maybe two years. Now I know what you are thinking, if I have a degree in design, how the hell did I become an office manager? Yea, I ask myself that question too. When I graduated, I was burnt out. Really, really burnt out. You see I went to school, full time and had 4 kids to take care of at the same time. And anyone who has taken art classes knows they kick your ass. So yea, I was burnt out. I decided I wanted my artwork just for me. In other words I did not want to create art to someone elses standards i.e. a client. So I fell back on my former training and got a job managing an office. Less stress. Kind of.

This past Sunday at the museum, I awakened something with-in myself that had been dormant since graduation. I think I may be ready to go back to design. It would be a nice thing to have back in my life again! Anyone want to hire a graphic designer?

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 02, 2005


I used to feel safe here. This was a place where I could write my thoughts, my pain, my joys. This was a place where I could be totally honest with myself. Sometimes you can think things to yourself, but are not ready or feel it will do more damage than good, to tell the person that is involved with you in the situation. Did that sentence make sense? I don't know I had to re-read it 3 times before I was done. What I mean is, maybe I should be specific here, my husband and I are going thru some trying times. This is no secret to all of you. It is no secret to me or to him. Sometimes frustrations build up. I needed someplace to let out my frustrations. I didn't want to unload on him, because I felt and still feel that he is going thru too much to pile more on top of him. But I knew that I could no longer keep eveything inside of me. I could not talk to family or friends, they just wouldn't understand. Plus there is the judgemental issue. I know my family would judge and that is not their place. Nor will I allow then to pass judgement on my husband. My family seems to think that they are up on a pedastal or something, but that is another story all together. So I began to write here. It was like therapy for me. Instead of going to a therapist and sharing my problems, I came here, to all of you. I got encouragement and understanding, and some of you even went thru or were going thru a similar situation. You gave me your incite and even when you didn't know what to say, you gave me a virtual pat on the back and let me know that everything was going to be ok. See, that is the great thing about blogging (sometimes), you can be open and honest and you don't have to worry about someone in your real life looking down on you or getting the wrong idea. It's all peaches and cream until you get "Dooced".

Yes, I got Dooced. Someone that knows me read my husband at least one of my entries here, "I Am The Bug". I re-read that entry, just before I began this post. I thought about how hurtful those words probably were to my husband when he heard them. I feel horrible that he heard these things. I feel horrible that the thoughts that I did not want to share with him, were shared.
Do I want to leave my husband? NO. Do I love my husband? YES. Did I have those thoughts I wrote down? YES. Do I plan to act on them? NO. As soon as I type them here, they are gone, out of my head. And my head feels better. Make no mistake, I want to grow old with the man I am married to. I love him. I love him like I have never loved another. I can picture us in our rocking chairs on our porch at sunset, holding hands and watching our grandchildren running around our back yard.

Have any of you ever said things out of utter frustration and depression? Things that you probably would not be thinking if you were, say, sipping ice tea on a hammock on a sunny day? Things you may feel when you are frustrated but do not really want or believe or intend to do when you are not frustrated. Like you are frustrated at something, and you say, "I can not take this any more". Does that mean that you really can not take "this" anymore? It could. Most times it is just a way to vent and to let go of some of the frustration you are feeling at that moment, right?

I don't know what I expected. This is the internet for god's sake. Millions of people could hypothetically read my words and I knew this when I began typing. I guess I should have realized that there was the very real possibility that my words would circle back to bite me in the ass. And they have. It seems to me at one point or another every blogger is Dooced. Luckily for me, I didn't lose my best freind and soul mate or my job because of my blog. Part of me feels like I should be mad. And I was for a little while. But for some reason I am not mad anymore. I know my Doocer, did not do this to cause problems. I am just sad that I hurt my husbands feelings trying to vent my own frustrations.

The thing that sux is I feel I can not be open and honest here anymore. I feel I have to sensor my words. I have, as every Dooced blogger does, thought about ending my blog. But as you all know, I have a problem with giving up. So I don't know what I will do. Sleep on it I guess.

And to top it all off, I lost my keys! I do not lose things. I mean sure the inevitable lost socks, and every once in a while I forget a kid somewhere (KIDDING) but not important stuff, like my remote start and my work keys. Keep ya fingers crossed that I find them, or I am going to have to crawl with my taile between my legs and tell my boss. YUK!

Happy Just Monday!