Monday, June 27, 2005

The Ass-u-lum of Horror

Hey ya'all! Long time-no type. I have been committed to an insane assylum, where I am typing this entry from right now! It's a nice place.....nice soft walls......pretty metal bars to block out that horrid sun......elegant plastic silverware........and the "vitamins" I get three times a day, well let's just say they make me feels SO GOOOD...except for the drooling.

OK, ok, I am kidding. It's almost time for the migration. I am really starting to freak out! So much more to do. So many more people to say goodbye to. Oh and this is real. I am really moving. I think, I just this past weekend FELT that! We were sitting at Shelli's hanging out and I just felt this rush of anxiety, and I said, "oh shit"! Hubby chong or Shelli, maybe both, I don't know I was immersed in thought, said "What?" I just remember thinking, FUCK we are really moving, and soon too! Just like holy shit this is really going down. This little voice keeps saying, what the hell are you moving to Maine for? It's like a little devil on my shoulder trying to start trouble. Back the fuck off Devil, I have my own pitch forks, just ask Shelli, we made s'mores with them just the other night!!

Anyway, the migration starts soon. I am both excited and anxious. And on top of that I just realized we can probably not trick or treat with K-dawg and The Shelster this year, what a freakin' bummer. I think we have more fun that the kids do! Damit. So many things are about to change, all at once....sometimes I don't handle change very well, I am hoping this is not one of those times. Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Big Brothers

When I was a kid I always wanted a big brother. Someone I could tag along with, someone I could look up to. Like Joanie and Ritchie Cunningham of Happy Days. I could be his cute little sister and then when I got a bit older I would have a crush on one of his geeky friends. At some point we would become friends and not so much siblings. We would do stuff together like hang out at Arnold's and double date in bobby socks. Well I would wear the bobby socks not him.

Yesterday, for the first time I was glad I did not have an older brother. Older brothers? They do mean things to their little sisters. They try to trick them. Poor sweet innocent little sisters trust their brothers and big brothers take advantage of that. And then they laugh, they laugh so hard their face turns red and they can barely breath! They laugh so hard at little sisters in distress that they just about pee their pants!

Although I never saw this on Happy Days, it happens. It's like the Underground Big Brother Society. Secretly, their mission is to torture little sisters everywhere. Just because they are cute. Just because when they came into the world everyone oohed and aaahed over them. There by taking away the "center of attention" status of the big brother. Yesterday, my son was inducted into the UBBS Hall of Fame.

Kyle (8) and Cassidy (6) where sitting together at the table eating scrambled eggs for supper. (yea sometimes we have breakfast for supper, so shuddduppp!) I was baking chocolate chip cookies for dessert. The first batch was cooling and I placed a nice warm cookie on each of their napkins.

What I am about to tell you happened so naturally. It was as if Kyle had planned and rehearsed this moment for a week. He picked up his cookie, pretrended to dip it in the ketchup on his plate that was left over from his eggs. He took a bite and proclaimed that chocolate chip cookies dipped in ketchup are DELICIOUS! He then looked at his sister and said one small phrase. "You should try it". Cassidy picked up her cookie whole heartily dipped in her ketchup and took a big ole bite. She chewed for half a second until her taste buds registered the tangy tasting concoction. Her eyes got big, her mouth was clamped shut but her cheeks were puffed up with air like she was going to spew a mouth full of chewed ketchup chip cookie all over the kitchen. He laughed and laughed and laughed. I helped her spit out the nastiness and whispered in her ear that we would get him back when he least expected it. She looked at me all serious-like and shook her head up and down.

He was still laughing.

Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, June 20, 2005

My Feet, They Are Getting Cold
I am starting to freak out. I am getting cold feet. Not that I am going to change my mind, but I am becoming very anxious. I hate anxious. Anxious makes me crazy. Crazy makes me crazier, than normal. I sat at my desk today and cried because I am leaving this job. What the hell is wrong with me?

The rest of my time as a Masshole (thats what they call us up there) is going to seem very long. The waiting, the waiting is killing me. I have nothing left to pack except the kitchen and bathroom essentials. Can't pack those until moving day.

I keep asking myself, "What are you insane?, Leaving everything you have ever known? Leaving your job?" Ya know this is something I should have done when I was say 20 or something. I am second guessing myself, and then 3rd guessing that. Basically I am driving myself insane. I am right now typing this so fast that my fingers are getting cramped. I need to go hit a punching bag, or run as fast and as far as I can before I pass out. Something to release all this...this......I don't know what is it energy? Anxiety? Stress? All of the above? Ye thats it all of the above.

ok, I have to go now, go do something, somewhere. Have a good night ya'all!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

I am.........

I am from warm fluffy comforters, from Red Door and Dunkin Donuts.

I am from the happiness, and the beauty, and the peace and strength.

I am from the weeping willow, the lilac and the waterfalls.

I am from midnight Christmas' and from laughing, from Nane and Grandpa, Voa Voa and Mom and Dad

I am from the helpers and worriers.

From the serene and compassionate.

I have little faith.

I'm from the North, the South, the East and West, from kale soup and malassadas.

From falling off the bed with Roberta Gail, from the hurt, and the anxious.

I am from the photo albums, from the memories, rich with love.

I got this from Susie who got it from Vajana who got it from HDL. If you want to try it the template is here, half way down the page in a shaded box. It was sort of hard, I wonder why?

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

nothing 017
Originally uploaded by Sissychong.

Here it is peeps, my package from Charlotte! See the cute toe socks? Those are so I can BEE Happy in Maine. And do you see the teeth keepers?? So I can keep my teeth, in Maine, a new tooth brush AND floss! Charlotte is not only SUPER-NANNY she is a part time tooth fairy! Oh and one more thing, the cutie-patootie post cards, so I can mail all my friends my new address!

Charlotte, you are awesome! Thank you somuch!! :o)

nothing 018
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Here they are the BEE HAPPY in Maine Socks!

nothing 019
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If I have no other way to get to Maine, I can always hitch hike!
Coming Soon.......

I'm too thexy for my toe thocks........too thexy...........

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My Monday
Sissy we need to have a talk. I remember thinking, the tone of his voice sounded odd. He continued. I came across something on your computer, the day you were out sick. It's called double you double you double you dot sissychong dot blogspot dot c....................
That's all I remember hearing. His words were mumbled and I felt like I was trapped on the merry-go-round at the park. Spinning and spinning. My brain struggled to make sense of what my ears were hearing. I was able to put together Maine.........notice...........pissy attitude............ blinking orange...................
I could do nothing but look from one to the other with my mouth hanging open. I was still trying to put together his puzzle of words. My blog? He had come across my blog? Then I knew. He had been reading my blog!
When was I planning to tell them I was moving?
My voice squeaked, "Well we .........."
And my pissy attitude last week was because of this.
I tried again, "Well I........"
We have had an ad in the paper for a week, waiting for you to tell us. When will your last day be?
My vocal cords started to work again and I croaked out, "the end of the month".
Well we can use you until we find someone and I'm sure you can use the money.
The dam broke and my eyes overflowed. I blurted words in between sobs. I don't even know what I said. Neither did they.
One said, "Are you alright?"
The other said, "Are we still friends?"
I shook my head yes and the conversation was over just as quickly as it had begun. I tried to stifle my sniffles. Finally, I gave up and just retreated to the ladies room.
When I came out, they left to make sales calls. That was it. Their demeanor with me was back to normal. I was in a stuporing fog. Snipettes of words played in my head. I did the mental equivalent of rewinding and fast forwarding the conversation over and over.
I thought I was going to toss my cookies.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Bongo Butt

Lil Diva said "Your butt is a great drum should be in a band!" As she was smacking my butt like a bongo.

Darn kids!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hi, Krisitne is this better?

My worrying was for nothing. Ya'all were right. He was just in a pissy mood. He talked to me before he left, and this AM he was nice as pie. (Mmmm pie)

I played a hilarious joke on Sheli this morning. I am so dam proud of myself. It was actually payback, because she has enlisted Hubby to help her scam me not once but twice! The bizotch! He always rats her out in the end because he has to live with ME! DUH.

So anyway my joke, hee, I still chuckle just thinking about it. Sheli had to deposit some checks into her bank account today. A big check. The bank doesn't open until after she needs to leave for work. So being the wonderful friend that I am, I suggested she give me the deposit to make for her. I was going in late, because of an appointment anyway. I pratically drive by her bank on the way to work. Aren't I nice?

Last night after much back and forth-arey we decided she would drop the deposit thru my passenger window, which I would leave open a crack, in the parking lot of my appointment. Before we hung up she commented that she hoped she wouldn't forget.

Everything was fine, the deposit was in my car when I was done, I went to the bank and then to work. But on the way to work, as I was trying to figure out how to get her back for the fro-toady incident, it hit me! I will tell her I didn't get it. It wasn't there.

And that my friends, is how you make Sheli crap her pants at 9:00 am! Go Sissy-Go Sissy {{doing the cabbage patch}}

I didn't let it go on to long though. I am not that mean.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Why Do I Feel Guilty?

Why do I feel like I have done something wrong? I haven't. Yet I feel guilty for some reason. I feel like, they think I did stole from them or something. It feels like they are mad at me. I guess I project the guilt onto myself. Why? Why? Why do I do this to myself. Maybe because I think, my boss is mad. He has not talked to me all day. Just puts stuff on my desk and walks away. Maybe it's me. Maybe he is upset because he had a disagreement with his son this AM. Maybe it's my damn imagination.

We have a problem with the books. They are not balancing for the month of June. The mistake is somewhere, but I have been over and over things and just can not find it. Yet. The boss took all the records and he is pouring over them like an IRS agent on a mission to put me out of business. I am sure it is something stupid, some credit debited or debit credited or freight charge run-a-muck.

I was supposed to talk to them today. I was going to give my three weeks notice. But now? If I give notice, maybe they will think I have done something illegal. Maybe I am just a big ole worry wart. YUK. (note to self: do not refer to yourself as ANY type of wart)

Whatever, I don't need this stress. I should not be feeling like I am a shady character. I mean I may come in a few minutes late or sneak a few extra minutes at lunch, make a personal call or two, but I am not shady. Ok enough of this foolishness. Whatever his problem is, it's not mine anymore. Now I need a shot or five!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Where To Start

I don't really know where to start, I have neglected my blog for so many days. Let's see: At the moment we are packing and sun burnt.

Packing consists of going thru every single item in the house and deciding if we need it or not. Some things are easy: toothbrushes? Yea, we need those. Stuffed animal that is older than my youngest child? Umm, maybe? OK, NO. We don't need that anymore. We want to cut down our things so we can get the smallest truck possible, to save money. Rental trucks for one way moves are outrageous. Out-fucking-rageous I tell ya! You can rent a U-haul for 40 bucks a day if you are staying in state. But if you are moving out of state that same truck costs about 500 bucks. Hubby is not happy with this situation but there is not alot we can do about it. We have to pay what they charge ya know? Hence the cutting down on anything old, worn out, half broken guinea rigged, no longer fitting or unneeded. Ugh I had to wrestle 2 hefty bags of cloth away from 'Lil Diva. Clothes that she no longer fits into. The child hates to give anything up. I even tried the , "well you will be donating them to a little girl who does not have any nice clothes" ploy. Didn't work. She still was not happy. Of course because I out weigh her I won, but if looks could mame or paralyze, I'd be in trouble.

And sun burns, they suck. Can I just say that? We went to the beach with the Shelster and yes we wore lotion. SPF 30 for the kids and tropical coconut, "love that tan skin" lotion for me. The kids are fine, just a slight tinge of pink. I however have renamed my tanning lotion "I hate that crisp sun burnt skin" lotion. I am very red and my skin is screaming. It hurts to look at it, never mind sleep on it. I think the only sliver of happiness I may have in the near future may be to lay nekked with a wet cold sheet over my body after drinking a gallon of rum. Maybe.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore!

Phew! {{sigh}} I feel like I just stepped off of a merry-go-round that has been spinning out of control for 5 days!

We made the trekk to Maine. We saw the boy again. We saw the future chong estate. (estate? HA!) The area is breath taking. The town looks like Martha's Vineyard, if you have ever been there. Little stores and shops and prettiness! We will be 2 minutes off the main street of the town. From our upstairs windows we can see the mountains. Oh my god the beautiful mountains! I can not even explain them to you. I have never seen anything like it in my life. We can not see the tip-top of the mountians, well some of them, becuase they are above the clouds!

From the end of our street we can see the lake. There is a public park on the lake where we can go to swim, and there is a playground right on the lake-beach. There is a small movies theatre in walking distance of our house. The lake and the beach are pretty much with in walking distance too. I don't know how else to explain it. If you could see the neighborhood I live in now, and the neighborhood I am moving to, you would fall down dead, I almost did. And the best part of all? LESS RENT! Yup! Thats right we will be paying less rent to live in a nicer, cleaner, less populated neighborhood.

I keep saying to myself, something is wrong here. Veweeee wwwong. I feel like I am in the twilight zone or something. I keep waiting for Aston Kucher to come storming into my house with his crew, saying, "You got punk'd you mother beep, beep, beep" But I wouldn't cry like that stupid simpson sister did! I would drop kick his ass, then Demi would drop kick mine, it would just be a big ole mess.

Anyway, life is good, no crapfest at the moment. We tell the slumlord we are moving today. HA! No rent for you! (soup nazi-seinfeld) We paid our last month when we moved in sooo, yee-haw! I still have to decide when to break the news to my boss. I wish I could still work for them, long distance, from my house. {{sigh}} Oh well, big chances equal big rewards right? Let's hope so.

Happy Wednesday!