Monday, June 06, 2005

Where To Start

I don't really know where to start, I have neglected my blog for so many days. Let's see: At the moment we are packing and sun burnt.

Packing consists of going thru every single item in the house and deciding if we need it or not. Some things are easy: toothbrushes? Yea, we need those. Stuffed animal that is older than my youngest child? Umm, maybe? OK, NO. We don't need that anymore. We want to cut down our things so we can get the smallest truck possible, to save money. Rental trucks for one way moves are outrageous. Out-fucking-rageous I tell ya! You can rent a U-haul for 40 bucks a day if you are staying in state. But if you are moving out of state that same truck costs about 500 bucks. Hubby is not happy with this situation but there is not alot we can do about it. We have to pay what they charge ya know? Hence the cutting down on anything old, worn out, half broken guinea rigged, no longer fitting or unneeded. Ugh I had to wrestle 2 hefty bags of cloth away from 'Lil Diva. Clothes that she no longer fits into. The child hates to give anything up. I even tried the , "well you will be donating them to a little girl who does not have any nice clothes" ploy. Didn't work. She still was not happy. Of course because I out weigh her I won, but if looks could mame or paralyze, I'd be in trouble.

And sun burns, they suck. Can I just say that? We went to the beach with the Shelster and yes we wore lotion. SPF 30 for the kids and tropical coconut, "love that tan skin" lotion for me. The kids are fine, just a slight tinge of pink. I however have renamed my tanning lotion "I hate that crisp sun burnt skin" lotion. I am very red and my skin is screaming. It hurts to look at it, never mind sleep on it. I think the only sliver of happiness I may have in the near future may be to lay nekked with a wet cold sheet over my body after drinking a gallon of rum. Maybe.

Happy Monday!


Blogger Pissy Britches said...

I totally feel your sunburn pain right now girly. My skin is not even is a skin cancer PINK. I do this shit to myself every year. I am sure you didn't do it on purpose like I did though.
I am not right brite...

11:32 AM  
Blogger shellibells said...

Mmmmm....RUMMMMM!! What sunburn??? LOL

1:53 PM  

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