Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Child Terrorizer

Yesterday, I ratted out a 12 year old. I have mixed feelings about it, but at the time it was either that or pummel him into the sand. Since I can get into trouble for the latter I decided being a rat would be better.
He is my new neighbor. He seems like an OK kid, but he is loud and hyper. He is the type that likes to take charge. It seems he likes to play with younger kids so he can "be the boss". He must be a local, because when he an his mother moved in next door, he seemed to know everyone by name, except us.
I took Cassie and Kyle to the beach yesterday. He was there. He goes there alone, his mother works days. As soon as my son was up to his knees in the water he was tackled and pushed under. OK, I know kids will be kids, no problem. I politely asked him not to do that again. He looked at me, didn’t say anything and went back to swimming. Now he and my children and another child are playing around in the water. He like to call himself the child terrorizer. (Argh) He kept chanting the "child terrorizer is gonna getcha" and chasing them around like a game of tag. My kids were having fun. But as I watched, I began to see a pattern. If he was near a child he would call their name, as soon as he or she turned around to face him, they would get a big splash of water right in the face. When he "tagged" one of the girls he just tagged them. When he "tagged" one of he boys, he would put them in some kind of wrestling move and throw them under. So I politely asked him to stop dunking Kyle. Again he looked at me and said nothing.
A couple of minutes later he began throwing my son and another boy under the water over and over again. The boys were barely able to catch their breaths or wipe their eyes between dunks. I thought to myself, Kyle can not be enjoying this kind of play. Hyper-boy put Kyle in a head lock and Kyle said, Don’t......glub glub glub.
That was it! I saw RED! I slammed my book shut, the sound startling the older lady next to me, she jumped. I stomped down to the water’s edge, making deep heel prints in the sand. I didn’t even bother to try to calm myself before I spoke. I said, "Travis, keep your hands OFF of Kyle" Again, the blank glance and not a word. I called Kyle to the shore. I told him to go play with some other children because Travis was being a Bully. I said Travis and bully louder than the rest of the sentence, hoping he and the lifeguard would hear me. Kyle sulked off to find another playmate. I went back to reading.
I looked up to check on my kids and Travis the child terrorizer had another little boy in a "sleeper hold" I remember the move from when I was a kid, I used to watch Andrea the Giant and other wrestlers on Saturday mornings with my dad. He kept the move on the boy while dunking him and then bringing him back up. Again, the boy could barely catch a breath in between dunks. All I heard was Tra...glub....glub....{dunk} I can’t.....glub..... glub.....(dunk)
Again I saw RED! I put my book down with out closing it and glanced around the beach for the lifeguards. At the end of the diving dock I found them, chatting with friends. I marched up to them, and told them the story of Travis the Child Terrorizer. He knew I was talking to them about him. I was talking loud and pointing to him. He started to walk out of the water, quickly. The life guard followed him to reprimanded him. Travis didn’t say anything in his defense. He just asked the lifeguard the time. I took my kids and left. I was still infuriated.
I expected his mother to come knocking on my door, when I saw her come home from work. She didn’t. Maybe he didn’t tell her. I am trying to decide if I should speak with her. I have seen him at the beach WITH her. He doesn’t act like this. If it was my son, I would WANT someone to tell me.
I need my Internet friends opinions. What would you do?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I woke up this morning wondering if we, as parents, EVER stop worrying about our kids? I suppose I should ask my mother. I know at the moment, she would say no. Seeing as how I have taken 2 of her grandchildren and moved us 300 miles from the only place we have ever lived. I think she would definitely say that a parent never stops worrying.

About a week and half before we left for Maine, my oldest son moved back to Massachusetts from Maine. Why, you ask? Well that is a long story and one that I am not sure I know all the pieces of. Ya know when something, someone tells you just doesn't make complete sense? That's how I feel about his reasoning for moving back to Massachusetts. Anyway, I digress. So, he left a job and a cute apartment in Maine and moved back to Massachusetts.

It's no secret my oldest son has caused me many grey hairs between the ages of 14 and 19. I worried about him through those years. Is he hanging out with the wrong people? (Yes) Is he getting into drugs? (Hmm) Would he get into trouble with the long arm of the law (yes)

While he was in Maine I worried about him. He has never lived anywhere besides our former city in Massachusetts, he had no family close by. He had no car. How would he find a job, etc. He over came those hurdles.

Now, he is back in Massachusetts and the worrying starts again. He has no place to live, he hops from one friend's house to another carrying his things in a bag like a hobo. He and his girlfriend broke up (slut, cheater, bitch). He lost his job because she (slut, cheater, bitch) wouldn't give him his uniform and they fired him for not having it. He is heart broken and alone.

We talked for a long time the other night. Me, trying to help him decide which path to take with his life. He doesn't want to return to Maine. Why must he choose the difficult road? He and my 15 year old daughter are coming to visit this weekend. I am dying to see them both. It seems like so long since I have seen their beautiful faces. I miss them so.

Why must parents worry forever?

Friday, July 22, 2005

It's hard to believe I have only been here a bit over 3 weeks. It seems like a lifetime ago when I could not let my kids go out and play unless I was going to be right there watching them, and watching out for any rumblings of trouble in the street. I don't hear any yelling, I don't hear any tires squealing, I don't here fighting in the street. No motorcycles whizzing up and down the sidewalks. It all seems so far away now. It seems like something I read in a book. The life of a character in a book and not my own.

I love it here. I feel at home here. Life is simple here. My children can run and play in the yard. They can ride their bikes and play tag with the other children that live close by. I don't have to worry about drive bys and stray bullets or drunken people pissing on my porch. Life is slower here, calmer, laid back.

I live a 5 minute walk away from what they call "the village". If you have ever been to Vineyard Haven on Martha's Vineyard that is what the village looks like. It is quaint. Small shops, restaurants, ice cream parlors line the street. Yes, I said THE street. There is one main street that runs right thru town. On that street is just about everything you could want. The two banks, the post office, the general store, the one screen theatre, the pharmacy, the gas and car repair station, the insurance agency, the laundromat, the video store, the grocery store, the doctor and the dentist. You can tell the locals from the tourists most times. The first week everyone thought I was a tourist, after that the girl at the general store who always knew I wanted an ice coffee said, "you still here?" So I explained that we moved here. Turns out she is from Pembroke, MA. Every person that found out we moved here welcomed us. Really, they did, they actually said, "Welcome to The Village". I feel welcome here.

We swim just about every day at the lake. It is close and it is free. The kids love it and I must admit I have been jumping in and swimming like I used to when I was a kid too! As I mentioned in a previous post we have seen deer and black bear in our back yard and moose up on moose alley.

Last night the kids and I went to the annual street dance. Local bands were playing music and people were dancing and laughing and having fun. It was like a village block party. When we drove home and pulled into our driveway, my headlights shown on two figures at the end of the drive way. As my eyes focused on them I realized my husband was sitting there on the grass feeding a black bear. Do not adjust your computer screen. You read correctly, he was sitting there feeding a black bear my damn grapes!! Out of his hand! I know, I know, the man is crazy! I was lucky enough to have my camera in the car and I got three pictures of him with her. It was a great sight. I will have pics of her and of the waterfall soon.

Happy "Happy to be Alive" Friday!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Testing one, two.......testing.......

Holy freakin' shit! I am connected to the internet!!! I don't beleive it!

Sissy's in da Hizz-ouse!!

Hey ya'all!! I am so damn excited to be online!! I have felt like my left arm has been gone.

Everything is going wonderfully. I love it here. Sorry Shelster, I know you were hoping I would come running and screaming back to Assachusetts. You still have a chance though the winter may just kick my ass! We shall see. Look at the bright side of things you can now take a vacation for the cost of gas!! That's good right?

Anywho....I have missed you ALL very, very much. I have tons of blog reading (and writing) to catch up on.

I have plenty of Maniac stories to tell already. In summary......I have swam in a waterfall, I have seen many deer and a black bear in my back yard. Yes, in my back yard!! And I have seen several moose. Those bad boys are huge! One day we had about 5 eagles circling over our house. I was watching them with the binoculars. They are beautiful creatures.

I have pictures in my camera, that I will post as soon as I drive 42 miles to the closest Wal-mart to have them developed!

Well, it is hot here. I am gonna go jump in the lake to cool off.

Happy Gladtobefuckingback Sunday!