Friday, July 22, 2005

It's hard to believe I have only been here a bit over 3 weeks. It seems like a lifetime ago when I could not let my kids go out and play unless I was going to be right there watching them, and watching out for any rumblings of trouble in the street. I don't hear any yelling, I don't hear any tires squealing, I don't here fighting in the street. No motorcycles whizzing up and down the sidewalks. It all seems so far away now. It seems like something I read in a book. The life of a character in a book and not my own.

I love it here. I feel at home here. Life is simple here. My children can run and play in the yard. They can ride their bikes and play tag with the other children that live close by. I don't have to worry about drive bys and stray bullets or drunken people pissing on my porch. Life is slower here, calmer, laid back.

I live a 5 minute walk away from what they call "the village". If you have ever been to Vineyard Haven on Martha's Vineyard that is what the village looks like. It is quaint. Small shops, restaurants, ice cream parlors line the street. Yes, I said THE street. There is one main street that runs right thru town. On that street is just about everything you could want. The two banks, the post office, the general store, the one screen theatre, the pharmacy, the gas and car repair station, the insurance agency, the laundromat, the video store, the grocery store, the doctor and the dentist. You can tell the locals from the tourists most times. The first week everyone thought I was a tourist, after that the girl at the general store who always knew I wanted an ice coffee said, "you still here?" So I explained that we moved here. Turns out she is from Pembroke, MA. Every person that found out we moved here welcomed us. Really, they did, they actually said, "Welcome to The Village". I feel welcome here.

We swim just about every day at the lake. It is close and it is free. The kids love it and I must admit I have been jumping in and swimming like I used to when I was a kid too! As I mentioned in a previous post we have seen deer and black bear in our back yard and moose up on moose alley.

Last night the kids and I went to the annual street dance. Local bands were playing music and people were dancing and laughing and having fun. It was like a village block party. When we drove home and pulled into our driveway, my headlights shown on two figures at the end of the drive way. As my eyes focused on them I realized my husband was sitting there on the grass feeding a black bear. Do not adjust your computer screen. You read correctly, he was sitting there feeding a black bear my damn grapes!! Out of his hand! I know, I know, the man is crazy! I was lucky enough to have my camera in the car and I got three pictures of him with her. It was a great sight. I will have pics of her and of the waterfall soon.

Happy "Happy to be Alive" Friday!


Blogger Charlotte in Pa said...

Oh, Sissy! You sound SO happy - so content and stress-free. I am very excited for you. It sounds like a great place to live. We'll see what you're saying when winter comes, but... :-) Thanks for giving us these updates. I miss you!

8:22 PM  
Blogger Pissy Britches said...

Sissy! It sounds so purty there. I am so glad you are happy and safe! Fabulous!

10:47 AM  

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