Sunday, July 17, 2005

Testing one, two.......testing.......

Holy freakin' shit! I am connected to the internet!!! I don't beleive it!

Sissy's in da Hizz-ouse!!

Hey ya'all!! I am so damn excited to be online!! I have felt like my left arm has been gone.

Everything is going wonderfully. I love it here. Sorry Shelster, I know you were hoping I would come running and screaming back to Assachusetts. You still have a chance though the winter may just kick my ass! We shall see. Look at the bright side of things you can now take a vacation for the cost of gas!! That's good right?

Anywho....I have missed you ALL very, very much. I have tons of blog reading (and writing) to catch up on.

I have plenty of Maniac stories to tell already. In summary......I have swam in a waterfall, I have seen many deer and a black bear in my back yard. Yes, in my back yard!! And I have seen several moose. Those bad boys are huge! One day we had about 5 eagles circling over our house. I was watching them with the binoculars. They are beautiful creatures.

I have pictures in my camera, that I will post as soon as I drive 42 miles to the closest Wal-mart to have them developed!

Well, it is hot here. I am gonna go jump in the lake to cool off.

Happy Gladtobefuckingback Sunday!


Blogger Charlotte in Pa said...

Yahoo! Welcome back, Sissy. So, so good to "hear" from you. Every day I kept coming back here, only to be disappointed. I'm glad that you're happy and things are going well. Keep us posted! Now if Shelli could just fix her comments, she could know how much we love her, too!

7:59 AM  
Blogger Random and Odd said...

'bout time!

9:07 PM  
Blogger muse said...

Missed you!!!

Did you get one of them "Maine - The way life should be" licence plates yet?

Oh, if you're ever in Wells, you _have_ to go try the Maine Diner ( - the whole Phantom Gourmet site and show are also great in general, by the way). Absolutely divine comfort food (they grow their own veggies too), huge portions, very reasonable prices... There's a gift shop attached to it so that you can browse for a few minutes if it's packed when you go (which it often is - just leave your name and they'll call you)

"Going to swim in the lake?" ARGH! I am _so_ insanely jealous! All I have to look forward to is frikkin' smog in Montreal's sweltering heat! LOL

Ahhhh, well, it's good to see that good things do indeed happen to good people. :)

(now I'm off to whine in a corner because there ain't no moose or eagles in my backyard) lol

4:11 PM  
Blogger Pissy Britches said...

HI SISSY! So glad you are back and loving your new crib.
Catch us all up soon on what has been going down in Sissy Land!

9:50 AM  
Blogger Mrs.Strizzay said...

Can I get some Lobster? HEHE

3:33 PM  

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