Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tuesday is Chooseday...but not on this blog

{{{sigh}}.....Good Morning everyone. Happy Fall to ya'all. The trees are turning beautiful colors of amber and gold here...already. It seems to me that this part of Maine is about four or six weeks ahead of where I used to live in Massachusetts. (Of course the spring will be four or six weeks later than my old home too) It's breathtaking to look out over the lake and see the mountains changing colors a bit more each day. I hope to go out and draw or paint one of these days. I want to capture my first fall here before it is over. I have a feeling it will be over before I know it, just like the summer was.

I am working way too much right now. One more month and we will be closed for a whole month (November). My plan is to earn as much money as I can now....basically working my ass off, so we will be set for Christmas. Right now I am working a breakfast shift at one place and a dinner shift at another. I don't really like the split days but what's a girl supposed to do? I gotta take what I can get right now.

We seem to be adjusting nicely here....(except for missing Shelli, K-dawg, Alyssa and Randy). I have made some friends between school and work and neighbors. Cassidy has joined ballet class and Kyle has joined karate.

Randy, my 19 year old, who stayed in Massachusetts, has been released form jail....thank gosh! Oh I never did tell that story did I? Well he was on probation for slicing the tires of a friends ex-girlfriend. (Bad...bad boy!) Anyway, to make a long story short, he never went to probation so they called him back into court, which he did not go to, so a warrant was issued for his arrest. Eventually they caught up with him and he spent 4 or 5 weeks in jail, waiting to go to court. Lucky for him when he went to court they put him back on probation. I hope he has learned his lesson. I know he hated being stuck in there, but I hope he hated it enough to keep his ass on the straight and narrow. So he is home now, looking for work, and he better be keeping his damn self out of trouble. His girlfriend cheated on him while he was there, no surprise to me. She is a stupid, skanky, hoe, much like her ex-con mother. God forgive me for feeling so mean towards them.

Alyssa, my 16 year old, who is residing at the Moment in Massachusetts with Shelli, is going for her drivers permit this week. Can I just say "WAAAH"!? I am sad because I want to teach her to drive! And of course because she is forcing me to see how old I am getting, damn her!

I have missed my first blogging anniversary!! I was in August! "Just Me" has been around for a whole year!! So...Happy Anniversary to you, my little bloggy-pooh!

On that note, I have to go get ready for work, again.

Happy Fucking Tuesday!


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Holy shit.......Has it really been 6 freakin' weeks since my fingers have touched a keyboard?? Am I really here?? (poking-self) Yes, indeed I am really here!!

HEY YA'ALL!! How is everyone? I can not even begin to recount the events of the past weeks. Way too much to try and remember in detail.

My computer is in Massachusetts recovering from a nervous breakdown. It is recovering at Shelli's brother's house. I am at the public library......duh....... I should have thought of this long ago. My apologies.

We have been exploring our "new", not so new anymore home town. Still, in love with it. I have gotten to know a handful of people, thru work and the school. It's funny here. Funny strange, not funny ha-ha. I went to the IGA to get milk and stopped five different times to chat with 5 different people. It took me the better part of 45 minutes to pick up a gallon of milk. It is impossible to be anonymous here. Some days I wish I could just slip in and out of a store, invisibly like I could do in the city. Other days I welcome the chit-chat. Just call me 'lil miss bi-polar.

We had many visitors over the summer. By far the best visit was that of Sheli, K-dawg and Alyssa (my 16 yr old)! We had so much damn fun. We shopped and drank and swam and drank and did I mention that we drank? We took Sheli moosing. Picture this......Me driving and Sheli's head and shoulders popped out of the sun roof, shining a mag light in the trees and shrubs looking for moose! It truly was priceless! I am trying to find a good man up here for Sheli in hopes she will migrate with me. HA- I know selfish bitch! But, I miss them all so much and at the same time I don't want to leave here. It is my home now.

The kids are back in school. So far they love it. I have great communication with their teachers. Mwah-ha-ha...they better be behaving or I will know before they even step foot off the bus. I went to my first PTA meeting last night. All I keep picturing is Barbara Eden in Harper Valley PTA.....I swear I didn't dress like that! HA!

The child terrorizer still lives next door. Everytime I get mad at him I remember
Charlotte's wisdom..."he is crying out for help". This has helped me to not be mean to him. Thank you Charlotte!

I am currently trying to decide between three jobs. I have pretty much eliminated one, I guess I will be giving my two weeks notice this weekend. The second one I will keep, I love it there.The 3rd was just offered to me yesterday as I was walking up my street, so I am pondering that one. More details later.

I hope this post finds everyone in good health and good spirits. I plan to come here every other days or so to post until my computer has recovered. So, tell all your friends and mine to Sissy's back in the hiz-ouse!!