Thursday, January 19, 2006

Seriously......I was driving down the mountain, mesmirized by the 70's rock CD I was listening to and the humm of my tires and I hit a patch of ice. I was on part of the road that bares slightly left. I guess I was going a little too fast for those road conditions, I started to break because a tanker truck followed by a jeepwere coming up the hill and I wasn't sure I could keep my car completely in my own lane. As soon as my foot touched the break, I lost control of my car. My front end went left, my back end went right, I slid sideways, heading toward the other lane. The tanker whooshed by on the right and I swear my hair flew back even though my window was completely closed. Still sliding sideways toward the jeep, I didn't breath or blink, my hands grabbed the wheel and turned into the skid. My front snow tires grabbed a piece of dry road, the back end of the car slid to the left, somehow we got out of the way of the jeep. The car came to a jerking halt bouncing from the left tires to the right tires like Herbie the Love Bug. I looked around, saw in my rear view mirror the brake lights of the jeep go off as it continued up over the hill. I stepped on the gas and we drove off. It took a minute before I started to lose my breath and cry, I was that shaken. We were not even wearing seat belts. I'll tell ya, someone was looking out for us today. Shelli this is the part where you go look at my knew shoes, so you are not sad.
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Anonymous Cyndi said...

OMG. This made me want to throw up. I even knew you hadn't gotten killed, since you were writing about it and I don't know you, but it still made me want to hurl. How scary. WHEW!

Glad you are OK, and love the shoes. I have them in some boring, go-with-whatever, shiny tan color.

Also, wrong post to comment on this, but your towels look like mine, so even though I didn't play SPF this week, I could link to yours and pretend I did. Heh.

4:39 PM  
Blogger shellibells said...

i thought for SURE she was gonna say "the shoes made her want to throw up!!"


4:29 PM  

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