Saturday, January 21, 2006

This is were I work. Shelli calls it the "Idiots, Geeks and Assholes" store. I still love her though. It's a mindless job, just like I wanted. No pressure, no responsibility, no problems. All I have to do is be there on time and listen for those little beeps as I pass other people's groceries over my scanner.
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Blogger Closet Metro said...

I listened to those beeps for six years. Customers would ask me "do you hear that beep-beep-beep in your sleep?" I always wanted to answer "no, I hear customers asking me 'do you hear that beep-beep-beep in your sleep?' in my sleep."

6:33 PM  
Blogger shellibells said...

I called it that AFTER you started working there.


But I do know an asshole that works there. Always forget his name tho...

11:38 AM  
Blogger muse said...

IGA is one of the top 2-3 grocery chains here. Looking at that more woodsy version evoked all sorts of memories of Maine and camping trips in Quebec-Ontario too. :) Mindless jobs are great when you've got too much on your plate. Or in general if you dream in life isn't to have a glamorous career (I just want to make enough money to pay for my bills and what I want to do, personally... though I only realized this recently.)

2:35 PM  

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