Friday, March 17, 2006

No Condoms on Sunday

In the town where I live you can not buy condoms on Sunday. It's not some weird mountain law or anything. Not some commandment from God to the townspeople, "Thou shalt not sell condoms above 2,000 foot elevationss, on Sunday" There is only one store that sells condoms here, and it is not open on Sunday. Does that SUCK or what? I was cashiering on Sunday and a man-boy and his girlfriend came in. They looked a bit suspicious to me. Not like "oh-my-gawd-we-are-going-to-be-robbed" suspicious, more like "what-the-hell-are-they-doing" suspicious. They kept walking back and forth, he even half walked up to me at one point, but a customer came and plopped her over flowing red basket on my conveyer belt, he turned and walked away. A few minutes later he made it up to me, with no one else around, he leaned in toward me and in a low voice asked for condoms. But we don't sell condoms. I felt so bad. The kid was doing the right thing, he had mustered up the nerve to ask a woman where the condoms were. Which I suspect is no easy task for a young male. I figure it must be kinda like when a young girl buys tampons on her own, ya know? In leiu of condoms they bought candy and left. I guess chocolate is better than nothing! I kept thinking, NOW they are going to go and have unprotected sex! Just because tonight, they are stuck in this one horse, condomless town! I swear if I had some at home I would have given them to him!